Sweet and loving ideas for optimizing your Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns!

At about this time of the year, you are probably in the process of planning your Valentine’s Day email campaigns. This a good opportunity to capitalize on people’s willingness to spend money on this special occasion.

Google reports an increase of 35% on daily searches concerning Valentine’s Day, with a peak on purchases at around the 5th of February.

The week of the 14th is characterised by those last-minute buys.

So here are some useful tips that could help you use your email campaigns to transform this special day to a great opportunity for your business.

Valentine’s Day Email Campaigns

Come up with a theme

Since you are about to send a series of email campaigns, dedicated to this special day, do some brainstorming and come up with a theme with a tag line, to follow during all this period.

Plan your Valentine’s Day email campaigns

This needs some project management techniques, and by now you have probably grown yourself to be an expert on this: plan the launch of your Valentine’s Day email campaigns, set a couple – not more – of a reminding campaigns, come up with another new and inspirational gift idea, and plan a “last chance” campaign for last-minute buyers.

And there you have it.

Personalize, personalize, personalize

“Dear John, here’s some gift ideas for your loving one”, drop-dead personalization technique which works subconsciously, to remind John not to neglect his girlfriend at this special occasion.

After all, this special day works subconsciously to fulfil this urge to love and feel loved.

It is not like Christmas or any other holiday opportunity: It is all about Love. And it is personal.

Target your audience

You should be proactive, as your recipients are going to receive a tone of emails during this period.

So try to target your email campaigns with our powerful List Segmentation tool.

You can create segments and address different email campaigns, according to these criteria:

  • gender (custom field)
  • age (custom field)
  • latest activity or interest (as shown in the links they have clicked during the past period)
  • last year’s buying behaviour on Valentine’s Day (as shown on your last year’s reports in your CRM)

Coordinate your channels

Make sure all your efforts are coordinated with each other.

Your social media campaigns should follow the same theme and strategy, your online presence should be aligned with your email campaigns and all together work under the same roof, for better results in customer engagement.

Do not neglect last-minute purchases

Valentine’s Day involves a lot of last-minute shopping with 50% of purchases occurring in the last week, even including Valentine’s Day itself. Set up some remarketing campaigns based on those who abandoned their shopping carts during the previous days, to suggest alternative ideas for their loving ones.

Measure your results

What was the goal you were trying to achieve through your email campaigns?

If you have not set a special goal, how do you know your efforts were successful?

Do not forget to be able to measure results.

This means that if awareness is created with your emails, but sales happen in your physical stores, you can use special codes or coupons for your email recipients, which they can use instore, so as to measure the efficiency of your efforts.

If your goal is just to create awareness, then try to create a unique experience for your recipients.

And do not forget: This holiday is all about love. Make an effort with your heart, and you will enjoy the results.

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