Remarketing Emails for eCommerce – or how the abandoned cart finds its buyer

According to a report by Baymard Institute, 68% of online buyers abandon their shopping cart, and the reasons for this are numerous, even hundreds.  This report focused on usability issues during the check-out process, on the 15 biggest international ecommerce sites, as reported by online buyers aged between 20 -58 years old. It resulted that there are more than 500 reasons for buyers to abandon their shopping baskets during their online purchase procedure.

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The most effective method of re-engaging prospect buyers is undoubtedly through Email Newsletter campaigns. If somebody of course has no intention of improving usability issues in his website , then all email marketing efforts could only partially become effective, nevertheless Email Marketing proves its value at this point of eCommerce that hurts the most: cart abandonment.

The brand has spent effort and money to bring a user in the website,  to prove its competitive advantages, has finally persuaded him to give away his email address, furthermore to proceed in a certain purchase, adding products in the basket, only to see him leave with no action. abandoning the buying procedure before the purchase is a study that every business operating online has to perform.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing or Email Remarketing is the practice that eCommerce websites follow in order to target users that abandon the shopping cart, by using the means of Email. As a practice it is mixed with Retargeting, considering that the target is to reengage the user that has left the purchasing procedure before completing it, nevertheless , the means here is not a banner display ad in another website that the user visits, as Retargeting practices follow, but an Εmail Νewsletter.

It is also considered that Remarketing practices are followed by companies, after they have fully explored the possibilities of Retargeting. Remarketing brings results to more determined users that have abandon the buying procedure in a more mature stage, while Retargeting practices are followed in a more early stage of cart abandonment.

When a user clicks on a website and browses some products, we simply want him to know we are there every once in a while. When this person decides to proceed in purchasing some products and for some reason he leaves without finishing the purchase, then we want to be top-of-mind. That’ why we use Email.

How to use Email Marketing to re-engage users

The user that has logged into a website with his username/email, has browsed some products and/or has proceeded in putting some products in his shopping cart, he leaves some “traces” that we Email service Providers use. Here in Moosend we use those “traces” that reveal the user’s preferences or buying habits, to send to the user a reminder briefly after he left products in the cart, by Email Newsletter. We can do this with the help of theUser Actions feature we recently announced.

When we say briefly after abandoning the cart, we mean that usually this has to be done within one hour after abandoning the cart, as the possibilities of the user completing the purchase decreases by 90% one hour after he leaves the website.

On our next blog post we will reveal to you some quick ideas on how to use Email Remarketing to increase your revenues.

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