Outsourcing the e-mail marketing service or doing it in-house?

Outsourcing the e-mail marketing service or doing it in-house

There is a lot being said about having an external ESP vs. setting up an in-house e-mail solution. The truth is there are several reasons why an enterprise should choose an external e-mail marketing firm to send out its mass mailings, instead of doing it in-house. Here is what you have to think of, in case you need to decide.

First of all, personnel: Do you have the right people to do that job for you? And how much will they cost you? Most ESPs have expert IT specialists to handle and guarantee deliverability issues, and top marketing strategists to offer their consulting services to their clients. It could be cost-effective to switch to an in-house solution once you have a sufficient volume of mailings, to justify the added expense of software and dedicated staff. But, it takes more than one IT person, that’s for certain.

Then, you should think whether you can handle the relevant costs of system maintenance, meaning keeping the servers and their reputation in good shape. Popular ESPs employ a raid of machines to send your campaign on time. The job to setup such an infrastructure is not trivial and should be seriously taken into account before assuming that setting up your own ESP in your garage (or office kitchen space) is an easy task.

Moreover, you have to think about deliverability issues: Does your message reach the inbox, with your in-house solution? Can you risk being “black listed”? When SPAM complaints reach your door, the rest of your mailings go to the recipients’ trash folder. If you can afford it, until you replace the servers, it’s just fine. While e-mail marketing is just another job that you have to do, for large ESPs this is their main job and responsibility:deliver the e-mail. This is what they do. Not just another thing they have to do.

With regards to Data Management: Managing complex data sets, segmenting the data and integrating them with business intelligence tools require resources. For instance, if you cannot combine info from your ERP or from your CRM like gender, age, city etc, with open rates and click-through rates, to truck subscribers with multiple criteria, and in case you cannot handle large data, an ESP is a solution you need. Data will not only give you information but will help you set your strategy.

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List management is also an issue addressed: manually adding subscriptions or deleting those who unsubscribe, as well as checking for bounces, is not at all cosy. Let your ESP manage your mailing lists automatically, so you do not have to worry about the bounces, the new subscriptions, the unsubscribes.

Moosend offers its technical support 24/7 and offers its valuable consulting services whenever needed. The architecture and infrastructure of Moosend guarantees themaximum deliverability rate possible. At the same time, Moosend provides tools to users to maximize these rates, like antispam checks, sending scheduling, SPF and DKIM implementations, soft bounces auto-resend. Concerning data management, you can easily export your reports at any time in order to sort your statistics according to any of the factors you need (opens, bounces, clicks, unsubscribes). Moreover, you can also try the list segmentation feature, to create segments within your list under multiple criteria. This will surely give you some very valuable information on your subscribers’ activity. Moosend alsomanages your mailing lists automatically, so you do not have to worry about new subscriptions, bounces, unsubscribes. An ESP like Moosend can be your ally in your e-mail marketing strategy.

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