Our new website is live!


We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website. You can always visit us at Moosend and have a taste of our new look and feel. The site’s homepage presents Moosend characteristics in one quick view. It emphasizes upon the platform’s world class features, clientele, customer satisfaction and of course its infrastructure and delivery rate. As a subsequently evolving ESP, which has already established its clientele globally, we wanted to ensure that each visitor would be able to navigate through our website easier and faster.

We endeavor to provide our current and prospective customers with the most accurate and up to date information about our service. To support that belief we included an extensive breakdown of our features. Each related section accurately mentions why and how they will enrich your email marketing practices.

Further on, we identified the need to train our audience, no matter the familiarity it would have with our service, on the platform’s capabilities and to provide it with extensive information about the latest email marketing trends. This is why in our new website you will be able to find a thorough help section that includes a knowledge base and all our webinars so far, along with helpful video tutorials. Last but not least our renewed Moosendblog will keep you updated on anything you need to know about the industry’s global email marketing practices and techniques.

Finally, as we grow, we wanted to give our audience the opportunity to get to know our team. Across our website, you will find testimonials which will give you a pretty good idea of who we are, what we do and what others are saying about us. 

Our team has worked hard the last six months to offer you a better user experience. We think ourselves as a company who continuously improves itself based on its customer’s needs. So, please feel free to give us your valuable feedback anytime by contacting us at marketing@moosend.com.

Happy emailing.

The Moosend Team.