Introducing A New Way To Design Your Emails

newsletter editor
We are excited to announce we launched our radically redesigned Drag-and-Drop Editor with its much-anticipated Template Library!

Building memorable and sleek emails with our Editor requires no more effort than building with Lego blocks!

Communicating a brand image online that is aligned and seamless throughout your channels is a critical component that underscores professionalism. Email is no exception. However, despite the plethora of tools available, designing striking emails easily has been more of an oxymoron. Up until now.

Moosend has gone into high gear with its new releases this year. Our glossy new Drag-and-Drop Editor is the first of many to come!

You can jump start your email building experience right away by logging into your account (or signing up here). If you wish to find out more details about the features of the most current Editor in the market, read on!

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Do you want to start building your email from scratch? No HTML-coding required, unless you want to!

Moosend’s brand new campaign editor empowers you to put together your own reusable style and save it under “My Saved Templates”. You literally cannot go wrong anywhere, the “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editor guides you through the steps, so you are building your email simply by adding structures along the way!

Drag-and-Drop elements

Within seconds, you can apply changes on the email, like choosing a different font in a Word-like editor, which gives you all the flexibility you will need, customizing the background colors and/or images, adding buttons, adding whitespace between lines, and so much more.

Word-like editor

Template Library

Save time by browsing the comprehensive Template Library, choose any template from the different categories and start customizing it on the spot. Choose the layout that best matches your brand identity, or quickly adjust one for the particular occasion, like Christmas or summer sales.

template library

To rearrange building blocks in a selected template, you can turn on the Helper Grid on the top right-hand corner and take it from there.

If you are feeling more creative (and HTML-savvy!), you can always switch to Split View from the top menu and watch all your changes in code take shape before your eyes.

While browsing the Template Library, keep in mind that you can save your preferred templates as Favorites, and quickly access them every time you sign in.

Your Newsletter, Your Style!

Stay fearless and experimental while designing your email newsletter as our precious Undo button can save the day (in fact, you can hit it multiple times), or go back to an earlier auto-saved draft (disc icon, top left next to manual save).

email structure

Adding social share and follow buttons has never been easier, or more stylish, for that matter; discover the array of styles available.

Under Settings, you can check the box provided if you wish to endow your mail with responsiveness for all devices.

From the top menu, choose Preview to marvel at your masterpiece. If you do not wish to add anything to it you can now Send Test, or proceed straight to sending it to your (segmented!) mailing list.

Breathtaking Features

unlimited customization possibilities

To recap, here’s a list of the top features of the new campaign editor:

  • Unlimited customization possibilities from text to buttons to overview
  • Content personalization for each recipient
  • Template Library for different industries
  • Helper grid available for click-to-add design sprint
  • List of user’s saves and auto-saves offers a complete version history
  • Responsive design for mobile devices; ideal image downsizing for each end-user device resolution, optimizing their data usage
  • HTML view of every element, allows you to alter its style via inline CSS on a split screen
  • Preview and Test; effortlessly test your outcome using not only a preview, but a send-test feature inside the editor

Before you start testing, do you have any questions? Click here for access to the knowledge base and our friendly Support Team.

Click here to start exploring the possibilities right away, or sign up for a free trial!