New PHP API Wrapper

New PHP API Wrapper

A few months ago, we introduced you into our brand new Moosend Web API, which made your lives easier by providing a programmatic way to connect your apps with Moosend. As we have promised, a set of wrappers would be released to help you interface easily with our API without the need to decode JSON or create usable data structures.

Today, we announce the release of our PHP Wrapper which will help you to easily integrate functionality exposed by Moosend into your PHP based websites and apps. The Wrapper is totally functional for the segments, mailing lists, subscribers and campaigns, covering the most basic actions you may need to perform. Let’s briefly see how you can take advantage of the PHP Wrapper in your PHP app or website:

Segments: Retrieve mailing list’s segments, create, update or delete segments, retrieve subscribers, create, update or delete segment criteria.

Mailing lists: Show available mailing lists, retrieve mailing list details, create, update or delete mailing lists, create, update or delete custom fields, get subscribers in a mailing list.

Subscribers: Retrieve subscriber details, add multiple subscribers, subscribe, unsubscribe or remove subscribers.

Campaigns: List available campaigns, retrieve campaign details, create draft campaigns or clone existing campaigns, send a campaign test, send a draft campaign to the linked mailing list, retrieve statistics and performance metrics for a sent campaign.

We have uploaded the source code plus a really detailed documentation into our github which you can see here. Feel free to ask for help through our customer care or share your opinions and feedback through comments!

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