Introducing Moosend’s New Free Plan: Get More For Less!

new pricing plans

Hold on to your Moleskines, because you’re in for a big surprise!

Moosend is upgrading its free email marketing plan to include 5k subscribers and unlimited campaigns for three months! With all of our feature awesomeness and flying colors, all the way from automations to behavior-driven marketing and transactional emails to scheduled emails, to our streamlined editor!

Every passionate and zealous email marketer with a mailing list of up to 5K subscribers can now professionally design their newsletters and automated workflows, get more results for free, and increase conversions.

Without further ado, we give you our new pricing plan!

New User

If you are a new user, explore the potential and familiarize yourself with the accommodating solutions Moosend has for your business.

Upon registration we fill up your credit tank and you get unlimited campaigns for up to 5K subscribers, for three months!

After three months, you can purchase the 5K subscribers package for $10 rather than $25 as it used to be up until now.

Start testing right away, fearlessly – whatever you come up with is right!

Find the pricing plan that is right for you!

Existing free user

If you are an existing user, you now have access to more, cooler features: our intelligent automations and advanced website tracking, which are available to free users as well.

We see your 2K credits and raise you infinity credits!

With the introduction of the new pricing structure, your credits remain as they are for as long as you need to try Moosend. You are welcome to opt in for the new 5K plan for only $10 from within your current account.

Existing 5k user

Your monthly email marketing subscription is now to cost you even less than two latte macchiatos in Rome!

If you belong to the 5K subscription plan, your costs are now going down almost twofold!

Up until yesterday, sending to 5K subscribers cost you $25 on Moosend, and that was one of the most affordable plans in the market. Today, we slashed this price 2.5 times down, to $10.

Free Email Marketing Service

If you haven’t already, register today for free and enjoy all the benefits of Moosend’s full-featured email marketing platform.