New Feature: Introducing Spam Filter Testing

This week lots of interesting stuff have gone into Moosend. But in our opinion, the feature that’s going to make a different is the ability to test your campaign content against popular spam filters. But what is the Moosend Spam Filter Testing anyways?

The Moosend Spam Filter Testing allows you to check your HTML content against common spam filters and ISPs, like SpamAssassin and Gmail. When you are ready with your content, you can perform a content spam test in the campaign wizard and get the spam filter results in real-time. This means that we actually communicate your content with a set of real spam filters and Internet Service Providers and find whether your campaign will end up in your recipients’ Junk folder. Then, if we detect any problems, we present a cool report that allows you to find the weaknesses and fix them.

As we always mention in our blog, we created Moosend with small companies and startups in mind. We are a company that started with zero funding and understand how difficult it is to spend your dollars in premium services like Spam Filtering. And most of all, we, as a team, would liek you to be happy with what we are offering. For these reasons, we decided to offer Moosend Spam Filter Testing for free on any account.

The following filters are currently integrated:

– SpamAssassin
– Gmail
– Yahoo
– Mobile Me / iCloud
– Hotmail

Some screenshots follow illustrating this feature.

moosend's spam and delivery test

Another one for a spammy campaign (actually this one was caught by our actual spam filter and we thought of giving it a try)

moosend's content spam test

This is live now so feel free to go ahead and have a go at it with your campaign content.