Moosend supporting Greek businesses during hard times

Moosend supporting Greek businesses during hard times

In the last few days, the inundating rise of problems occurring between Greek companies that operate online and their foreign suppliers has been made apparent. The situation at hand is leaving social media campaigns stranded in mid-air, while the array of tools and services that are provided online have now become out of reach for all domestic companies.

Moosend, the Email Marketing platform enjoying a worldwide spread, always staying true to its one-to-one service philosophy, announces the uninterrupted continuation of all the programs for clients centred in Greece, regardless of the difficulties that might have risen in deposits towards international suppliers.

To overcome the issue, any Moosend clients with headquarters in Greece now have the option to smoothly proceed with their email campaigns utilizing our Greek branch instead of our British headquarters. To facilitate this transfer and extend a helping hand to our colleagues, no Moosend account coming Greece will be terminated and a 10 day acclimate period is provided.

Additionally, to support all enterprises that grow online during such a difficult period for Greece, and to serve any urgent needs of new clients, all email credit purchases occurring from Greek enterprises during the period starting July 1st and up until July 10th get a 50% discount.

Keep focused on what’s important, we’ll handle the rest


The Moosend team

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