Moosend Report: Yahoo! gains market share at the expense of Hotmail

On our previous post we referred to the growth of Mobile Opens & Clicks in the last 9 months, which has a rising trend of almost 1,5% per month. We drilled down to data from campaigns sent via Moosend through the first 9 months of 2013, in our effort to see the trend which concerns all Email Marketing experts. We now come to compare results which concern the market share and popularity of Email Clients during these months, from January to September 2013, to realize what we only suspected: Yahoo now is the leader in the market, clearly gaining this growth from former Hotmail users.

email client preferences

As our customers come mainly from the South Eastern European countries, from North Europe as well as Asia and Australia, these data show the trends in these areas.

Now let’s see the numbers more carefully. At the beginning of the year, it seems thatHotmail was the preferred Email Client with a leading percentage of 23%, while Yahoo had a 17% penetration. During the following months, until April this year, Hotmail lost its impact and market, and it seems that Yahoo and  Gmail gained from this loss. Between April and May, Yahoo gained 8% market share, and Gmail gained another 3%, which is exactly the total loss of Hotmail during the previous months.

What happened to Microsoft’s Hotmail during these months?

The world’s largest software company renamed its “Hotmail” service “Outlook”, giving it a totally new look, social network links, and new features for handling junk emails and mass mailings. As we mentioned in the past, getting through the Hotmail inbox is a serious undertaking, now getting even more difficult, as the numbers show us here. The Hotmail“Smart Screen” spam filter seems to block even legitimate email newsletters sent to the opt-in mailing lists of our customers.

Moreover, we have to point out that none of Microsoft’s operating software can be found on most of the smartphones we use to open our emails. As we saw on our previous post, Mobile opens & clicks follow a huge rising trend. The most popular smartphone operating system in the world is Google’s Android, followed by Apple’s iOS, and Microsoft has a distant third place.

Forbes also point out Microsoft’s absence in the tablet market. While tablets are expected to outsell PCs by 2015 Microsoft may be hoping these tablets will be using Windows 8.  But it doesn’t happen so far.

The Office market seems to have the same trend. Google’s office apps are practical and affordable, accomplishing 95% of what a user wants to do. The analyst firm Gartner reports  that Google Apps were making “significant inroads” into Microsoft Office’s market share, accounting for up to 50% of the cloud based office productivity market.

We will be back at the end of the year to complete the picture and see how the trend evolves.

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