Mobile Opens and Clicks up +15,3% in the last 9 months: Report

When we asked from our development team to drill down to data from all campaigns sent this year by our customers, to see some trends which concern the devices that users prefer to read their email newsletters, we kind of anticipated the results. Data came to confirm what we suspected: Recipients open their email newsletters from their Mobile phones, with a rising trend of almost +1,5% per month. You can see in the chart below that from January 2013, when recipients opened their email newsletters mainly from their Desktop with a percentage of 90,3%, until the end of Q3 in September, this percentage has fallen down -15,3%, to 75%.

On the other end, Mobile opens and clicks have risen from 9,7% to 24,9% in this period. Our projection is that it will reach 32% by the end of the year.

desktop vs mobile

If we drill down even more, we see a fact than only TV ads could have helped us predict: users with Android have risen up 13% during the same period, from 19% to 32%. This means than iOS penetration has fallen from 81% to 68%. This market penetration is expected to fall to 57% by the end of the year.

iphone vs android

In mature markets like the US, research shows email newsletters are being opened on mobile devices by 61%.

As our customers come mainly from the South Eastern European countries, from North Europe as well as Asia and Australia, data show the trends in these areas. In the South-East Europe, Mobile Broadband subscribers are expected to rise up 4% this year, from 23% to 27% of total Mobile users.

Furthermore, according to A.T. Kearney consultancy, talking in absolute terms Asia Pacific will add nearly half of all new connections between now and 2017.

The increased penetration of smartphones, particularly in emerging markets, has helped to increase data consumption per subscriber, due to the faster download speeds.  The new mobile technology such as 4G makes reading emails so much easier now than in the past. Mobile remains an evolving industry which constantly finds new ways to inter-connect the user’s interests in various sectors such as automotive, utilities, health, travel and education, and finds new safer ways to manage financial transactions.

We will be back at the end of the year to see the numbers, to confirm the inevitable: this year is the year of Mobile.

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