Mirror subscribers uniquely in your emails – with dynamic content

mirror emails


Before we talk about dynamic content in your emails, here’s a quick quiz:

How can you mirror uniquely every single one of your thousand or million subscribers in your list? By…:

A. Personally getting to know each and every one of them

B. Hiring a psychic as an email marketer

C. Kissing work-life balance goodbye and stalking subscribers around the premises

D. Giving dynamic content blocks a whirl

E. Look above

Let’s take a look at the facts

Fact #1: Our work days are pretty and all, but they are also pretty swamped.

Fact #2: We all need tools that make our workday easier.

And one major truth:

Emails that are shaped on the spot to match every subscriber’s preferences are not sci-fi.

You can send emails that mirror your customers’ preferences perfectly. How?

No, it’s not magic. It’s robust website tracking.

Every signed-in user, once they visit your website, they leave a trail. This trail is made visible directly to the website tracking component on your Moosend account.

From there, before your cart abandonment/product recommendation automation is triggered, the trail “feeds” the dynamic content block(s) in your email design.

More specifically, when designing your cart abandonment/product recommendation email, you can now bring in a structure that is “transparent”; we’ll call it that because it can take any form we want. This structure could either reflect an abandoned shopping cart (with up to ten abandoned items brought in), complete with item details. Alternatively, the structure could recommend products which were i) the most viewed, ii) the most revenue generating*, iii) the most ordered*.

In your email, you could combine all four of the aforementioned cart abandonment blocks and product recommendation block options.

Here’s a couple of ideas for what your email structure could look like:

cart abandonment sketch

product recommendation sketch

*It might be important to clarify here something about the last two options: a product can be the highest revenue-generating one because it costs $300 and is the most expensive on your list, while the most ordered one could be one that costs $2 but has been ordered more than 450 times.

Dynamic content means…

↓bureaucratic, repetitive email work, so you can focus on creative tasks

↓hassle and maximum personalization per user, so you can get results that matter

↓stress about getting emails right for every segment, so you can create a “mirror” email that fits all

And also:

↑more intelligent way of working, so you can regain that peace of mind (along with the carts)

↑automatically automated automations, so you can automate your workday out of the office

It’s that time: Email marketing has moved past static email and on to Dynamic email.

Dynamic content blocks in email are not that far away from website retargeting. In fact, website retargeting tracks your whereabouts and dynamically injects the webpage you are browsing with the latest items you viewed. In a similar way, Moosend’s Cart Abandonment blocks and Product Recommendation blocks personalize with real-time information every single email across your selected mailing list .

What does this mean for you?

Essentially, you unlock maximum personalization through a sophisticated automation which feeds your dynamic content block. All of that with minimum effort:

Make completing checkout intuitive and single-tap: bring in everything the cart abandonment email everything all items that were graced with choice by the user. Make the offering all the more enticing by offering an additional discount.
Don’t lag behind: with almost every business in the industry engaging in smart cart abandonment emails, why send out anything less? Chances are, if you leave it up to your users to re-collect all their items anew, they will leave something behind. On top of everything else, a creative presentation is more engaging and convincing in an email. Ergo, subscribers are more likely to complete their purchases if they are presented with the items they selected in their earlier spree.
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