Maximum file size of newsletter

One of our users recently asked us why some of his friends had problems reading a newsletter he had sent them. In some of them the message was clipped off and displayed only part of the text, in others wasn’t displayed at all.

So we started searching what the maximum file size of a newsletter should be. Obviously, the first answer that came in our mind was, as small as possible because most recipients read their emails from a mobile device, meaning that they get charged for downloading data.

Then we wanted to find out why Gmail displays “[Message clipped] View entire message” in emails, or why iPhone displays “[Message clipped] Download entire message”.

gmail message clipped

The answer is that if a newsletter is more than 102Kb, Gmail clips off the message and displays at the bottom the above mentioned message. When a user selects the link, a new window opens with the entire newsletter.

What’s interesting is the fact that in the mobile version of Gmail of iPad the newsletter doesn’t appear at all.

Despite the fact that your recipients won’t be able to read the entire newsletter, you may also have some complaints because the one click unsubscribe link doesn’t appear.

Therefore, we strongly recommend creating newsletters that are as small as possible. Compose a good looking newsletter, be precise and promote only what you need to and maybe insert a link from your website with all the details you want.

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