Are you sending out a March 8th special?

8th of march

If yes, maybe this blog post is not of interest to you. If not, read on!

The day is an ideal opportunity to communicate your brand values and what you stand for, both internally and externally.

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to promoting gender equality and equal pay, and committed to tackling female under-representation in boards and executive positions alike.

At a time when our worlds and cultures are converging, so should our mindsets.

According to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), “inclusive growth” stands up for ensuring zero exclusion in development processes on the basis of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, poverty, or other discrimination.

  • By communicating your values over to your customers, you’re aligning with them and becoming a relatable source of input is bound to lead to a loyal customer base that is on the same page as you.

Undoubtedly, promoting your products or services is one thing, but connecting with your customers through values and codes of ethics will take you further.

  • This can also be a great way to monitor your customers’ values by seeing whether you stand on some common ground  and re-segment your email database accordingly.
  • Getting your brand values and corporate culture across is also about leveraging your impact on the world; help raise awareness on important matters and use your reach to influence more people and even reposition your brand, if need be. Educate your customers, be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Slip in your newsletter relevant and meaningful employee testimonials (in this case, from women in executive positions), which can only reinforce your values and prove your point of consistency. Humanize your brand, and make your newsletter subscribers’ correspondent at your company.

Don’t lag behind. Unless you are prepared to see your competitors take action before you do!

For all women and men who support the cause. Essentially, our people.


Because the lack of role models is

inevitably creating a ripple effect all

the way back to our societies and



Several companies around the world are endorsing the IWD. Find out more: #InternationalWomensDay  #IWD17 #BeBoldForChange