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labor day notebook

Advertising and selling to the USA? Read on.

While people around the world are preparing for a new academic year, opening their agendas and moleskines again, finding their way back to their watches, programming everything again, four major events overlap:

  • End of summer: Tanned skin, carefree minds, and sun days are coming to an end. Ecommerce sites involved in fashion and accessories, or other seasonal items stand before their arguably best chance to sell these last few items in stock. It’s clearance!
  • Start of fall: The new and exciting awaits- who didn’t miss a little neatness in the summer chaos, anyway? Fall/Winter for the new year in fashion, cool stationery and agendas, exciting resolutions take flesh in items to be purchased- ecommerce is king.
  • Back to school: Parents are already shivering at every extraordinary new school bag, pencil case, or “Barbie doll goes to school” ad their kids come across on TV or on the radio. All eshops with school supplies have their day!
  • Labor day: The ultimate barbecue excuse for get-togethers (and more shopping). Whether you are in the home supplies sector or own a deli that has been preparing for this event with specific products, here’s your chance.

A feast for ecommerce as a whole, really!

These four events overlap in perfect harmony temporally, whatsoever:

labor day in between seasons

This epitome of timing must be leveraged. You should test result it ASAP with a newsletter for any of the aforementioned occasions. For one thing, it will only cost your business one newsletter dispatch, and possibly unlock a whole season of potential for your business!

The SALES Chapter

The great thing about sales is that, if they are good enough, consumers will look for an excuse to spend and give a gift. So, incentivize consumers by creating the perfect shopping conditions under this Labor day.

Find Your Subject Line Inspiration

Here, we put together a couple of Subject Lines for your newsletter to make sure you get the first step right. Whether you decide to go with Back To School campaigns, or decide that a Labor day event is more appropriate for your target audience, here’s a few quick rhymes that will linger in your customers’ minds a bit longer, along with a proposed body and call-to-action:

  • Subject line: Back to school without losing your cool!
    Body: We bring you first the most colorful and inexpensive school supplies
    CTA: Kids love them!
  • Subject line: End of summer, not a bummer!
    Body: Have your future self thank you for your bargain buys this sale!
    CTA: Summer up always!
  • Subject line: Labor day, seize the day!
    Body: Looking for a bbq excuse? We’ll set you up for less!
    CTA: Sales on fire!

Dive in Our Newsletter Design Pool

Whichever of the aforementioned you/your business stand/s for, we give you a few newsletter layout alternatives. Check out the templates we picked out for you from our campaign editor or explore all 100 available around the world. Remember, it is the structure of the template you should be looking at; don’t be put off by a Christmas or Christening layout if you like the design! They are fully customizable either way!

newsletter templates first shot


newsletter templates second shot

More styles

We’ve also picked out our favorite styles from Pinterest, which makes an excellent source of email design inspiration, just by typing “labor day email”!

They range from pngs to gifs, use minimal text and, in a few instances, semantic choice of colors has occurred (for the national US holiday).

We like our gifs:

flash sale gif

(Source :


save 15%

(Source :

Yes, we noticed this reads “Memorial Day”, but it’s got everything we like!


We like neat:

Check this out – the Shop By Category section below is everything!

labor day sale newsletter

(Source :


We like subliminal:

The red checkerboard tablecloth is all iconically barbeque-y, so it will do the talking for you!

labor day in red checkerboard tablecloth

(Source :


We like specific:

Here, the percentage of the discount applied sitewide is highlighted and communicated effectively…

hartstrings 20% off email



…but we also like how the word “sitewide” appears boldly below the 50% discount (did you notice the “VIP Members Only” distinction on top, though?):

sitewide 50% off email



“Sitewide”, here, is coupled with the use of the national flag colors to instigate and elicit feelings of unity and togetherness.


sitewide 30% off email



We like artsy:

You know your audience best, so would this appeal to them?

labor day sale email

(Source :


We like less but loud:

You can’t miss the point here, can you? Bold and beautiful.

Bold, beautiful and minimal design



But minimal text is no less effective:

labor day minimal email design



Explain to Your Customers Why

Add value to your newsletter by communicating to your subscribers why these sales are different from the previous ones:

  • Not any time soon
    “It will be 3 months/a while before we hold this sale again, so you might want to take a look now!”
  • Clearance sale
    “Last chance to get your hands on these *items*!”
  • Jackpot
    “All purchases made today get a complimentary discount on new items!”
  • While supplies last
    “Order now or regret forever!”
  • Scarcity alert
    “This order is valid only for the first 50/100 orders, so make sure you get it fast!”
  • Be Generous
    “Spoil your loved ones for less!” or “Brighten someone’s day!”
  • Get more
    “Get twice the loyalty/bonus/reward points on your loyalty card and bring the next discount/giveaway closer!”


Free shipping: Consider adding free shipping to give your sales a boost- the costs for national orders are negligible, and it will be a good look for your company.

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