Is SPF and DKIM the “holy grail” for passing antispam checks?

Is SPF and DKIM the “holy grail” for passing anti spam checks

During last years , many newsletter end email marketing consultants insist that SPF and DKIM signing methods, are necessary requirements for achieving better newsletter readability scores.

But are these methods a “holy grail” for this?

The short answer is NO! And let us be more specific:

SPF, senderID and DKIM are the best methods to ensure that an email truly comes from the originating email. Of course that doesn’t mean that the sender isn’t just spamming the whole world.

For example, suppose a spammer who registers a new domain , configures the SPF records and DKIM signatures and starts sending millions of mails. Although these mails will pass SPF and DKIM checks, most probably these emails will get blocked by antispam content rules.

So the next question is “Should I use SPF and DKIM in first place?” And the answer is Yes. Using these methods, is the only way to protect yours’ domain reputation from forging attempts (internet bots, spammers, etc.).

Finally, I will give some statistics about the worldwide spread of SPF. You can actually see these statistics growing in
Total Domains 25665806 100.0%

Domains with SPF 2596351 10.1%

Domains without SPF 23069455 89.9%

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