Introducing User Actions or “How do I keep track of purchases and user actions in my mailing list?”

We are happy to announce that User Actions are now live and available to all accounts (free, monthly and pay as you go plans). User Actions is a new feature that allows you to track what your users are doing on your website and their profiles on Moosend accordingly.

User Actions

Over time you build up your users’ profiles on moosend by augmenting them with data such as the products they viewed, their history of purchases and their timeline of interests (people looking for a kitchen appliance will be tagged as interested in ‘kitchen appliances’ in Moosend). Later, when you want to send a campaign to your customers you can segment on the user actions collected over time, or in other words on their augmented user profiles.

Consider the following conversation:

1. User “Joe Blogs” enters your website

2. Moosend augments with the “last login time”

3. Joe Blogs browses for a tablet

4. Joe Blogs viewes the new iPad

5. Moosend records that is interested on a “tablet”

6. Joe Blogs leaves your website – doesn’t purchase anything

Joe Blogs profile on Moosend now includes the fact he has visited your website today and that he is interested in buying a tablet. Assume that you are running a discount on the new iPads. You segment your mailing list based on those subscribers that are interested in buying a tablet and send them a campaign about your discount. Cha-Cheen! Joe Blogs receives your offer and re-visits your website to buy the iPad on discount. We have released a User Actions API (as part of the Moosend API) which you can see here to get more information.

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