Introducing the Moosend Web API

Introducing the Moosend Web API

In the past few months we have been working on a way to connect your apps to Moosend in a programmatic way and today we are proud to announce the first version of the Moosend Web API.

The API allows software developers to connect their application directly to the Moosend infrastructure by providing REST access a group of functions. We have updated our website with additional information on how to get started with the Moosend Web API. The following functionality is currently provided in our API:

Mailing Lists and Segments: Through the Moosend Maiing List API you can create new lists, subscribe new users to your existing lists, manage segments and create or delete custom fields. It also supports fetching list statistics such as the number of active vs unsubscribed members, as well as retrieving subscriber information for a specific mailing list.

SubscribersThrough the Moosend Subscriber API you can add or remov emailing list subscribers, fetch and update their information and batch import new subscribers.

CampaignsThrough the Campaign API you can create, schedule and send new campaigns, or update information on your draft campaigns. It also supports fetching campaign statistics such as the link performance, open / click performance as well as campaign activity by location.

A set of wrappers for Javascript and C# .NET have been also created if this is your prefered way of connecting.

The Moosend Web API comes on top of our current direct SMTP offering that allows you to connect your existing application with our email marketing engine through the popular SMTP protocol.

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