Introducing Marketing Automations in Moosend

Are you thinking of automating your Marketing communications? Now is the right time! We are proud to introduce Marketing Automation possibilities in Moosend, which enable our customers to automate their marketing messages sent out through email. How is that done? Through our new Automations feature.

With Automations you are now able to set the events or conditions that will trigger a series of automated campaigns, sent out in a specific time frame, to specific recipients, if certain rules are fulfilled.

automation wizard

The events that trigger an automated campaign to be sent to a recipient can be:

– the subscription of the recipient on the newsletter,

– the fact that a recipient opened or did not open a campaign, and it can be a specific campaign or any campaign.

– the fact that a recipient clicked or did not click on a link, either a specific one or any link url,

– a custom field which can contain an exact date, for instance a Happy Birthday campaign set up to be sent on birthdays,

– an anniversary from something, eg a renewal.

This powerful tool will enable you to fully automate your procedures and tasks, relax and enjoy the results of your efforts, knowing that specific email campaigns are sent on specific time frames, if certain conditions are fulfilled, either on your website or your newsletter.

You can read more here about how to use this feature and get the most out of your email newsletters.

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