Introducing Email Client & Mobile Device Tracking feature

One of the most important information you can have about the habits of your email subscribers is the device and system software they use to open your email newsletter. The reason is obvious: with a 41% proportion of email campaigns opened on mobile devices in the second half of 2012, waiting to surpass desktop by the end of 2013, optimizing the design of your email newsletter for mobile users is most crucial.

In Moosend, you are now able to see an extended Mobile vs. Desktop analysis, meaning how many of the recipients opened or clicked on your newsletter from their Mobile phone (including phones or tablets) or from their Desktop (including laptops). With this feature, you can see which device software they used, like iOS, Android etc. for mobile opens, as well as the specific Email Clients through which your recipients open your newsletter like yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc.

desktop and mobile stats

Discovering that many of your recipients open your newsletters from their mobile phones or from specific Email clients, will lead you to optimize the design of your newsletter for different users. So keeping your subscribers happy is not only a matter of relevant content, but a compatible design as well.

Read more about this useful feature and how it can help you with your email marketing strategy.

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