Introducing Deep Data Integration for your OpenCart eshops

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We’re on a roll and so are you, Moosenders!

We’ve just released our intelligent and much-awaited-for deep data integration for your OpenCart platforms.

Deep Data integration is all about you: The prospects are high and the effort is minimal- Could it get any better?

This single-click integration for OpenCart allows you to harvest all email marketing technology has to offer you. Get the most out of your OpenCart platform today! Turn all the data available to OpenCart for your business and plug them in your Moosend account.

Your competitors are falling behind already.

Your most powerful tool yet

Here’s an indicative list of the array of tasks you can achieve scale with. These tasks are completed automatically through automated workflows, thanks to Moosend’s integration for OpenCart. You’ll find all of them on our platform under Recipes, our workflow templates.

Abandoned Cart

Abandoned Cart workflow

With cart abandonment rates standing at 74% around the world, you need to make sure that you have considered the probability and proactively took measures. With Moosend, a series of kind reminders are sent to everyone who has forgotten items in their carts, so that they can complete their purchases.


Celebrate your yearly anniversary with your customer on the day they made their first purchase on your site. Give discounts or gifts.

Change in custom field recipe

Have automations automatically monitor changes in your customers’ status. For instance, every time someone changes the City they live in, they could get discounts for the local franchise stores.

Happy birthday email recipe

Delight your subscribers with Happy Birthday wishes. You can send them on their birthday, or a week earlier, along with a coupon so that they can make a purchase on your site.


Make sure that all your new customers become familiar with your brand and all its aspects, by designing the right onboarding email sequence.

Re-engagement email (weather-based)

Activate disengaged subscribers by sending them an email that has been automatically generated when the weather in the area they live is e.g. rainy, with relevant product recommendations.

Repeat purchases reminder

Before your customers are out of stock on your product, remind them that they are running out. Simply set the automation to be triggered a little before the lifecycle of the product has been completed.

Special offer reminder

Remind everyone who visited the landing page of your special offer that time is running out!

Special offer reminder workflow

Survey buyers

Send every customer a customer happiness survey, a few days after they have placed an order with you.

Upsell/ cross-sell

Send similar product recommendations, as soon as someone has placed an order on your site. You can i) give them a discount to upsell to them, or ii)give them free shipping costs if they buy accessories or other complementary products.

Next Level Email Automation

The facts: Forgetting is easier than remembering. No need to learn that the hard way!

As great as slack notifications or Inbox by Google reminders are, there simply is not enough hard disk space available on our minds and time in our hands to deliver everything.

And since post-its overwhelming your office desk are not an option either, you simply need to delegate tasks.

But even when you delegate, is it scalable? Can we scale all delegated tasks times 100 every day, 3000 every day, or even 1000000 every month?

Absolutely-we-can, with Moosend’s Deep Data Integrations!

As for the post-its? Out of sight, out of mind!

DDI is the latest trend

…and you can’t afford to be out of fashion.

Deep Data Integration is better, deeper, bigger than Big Data. It perfectly fits your OpenCart platform and establishes strong currents for data flow directly to your Moosend account.

Your OpenCart eshop knows more than you do!

open cart logo

But now you will, too! Your OpenCart platform tracks tons of behavioral data. This data can have an incremental effect on your company’s performance that can be quantitatively and qualitatively appreciated:

i) It can get you high numbers

ii) It can build your brand value

Getting your hands on this data is an amazing opportunity to increase your conversion rates or average order value, as well as brand loyalty. Check some of the top live chat software that support opencart integration as well.

Simple as that.

One tool. One integration. A single click.

Everything is synced.

And every action taken -be it from a visitor, a logged-in user, a ghost user- everything is traceable, and ACTIONABLE. Automatically.

Just set it up once and Moosend’s integration will take it from there.

Taking you behind the scenes

Think of the first time a customer makes a purchase from your OpenCart eshop.

The platform keeps track of the paths all your page visitors follow, the items they view, the time they spend on each page, as well as the total amount of purchases they made on your site; this is far beyond the origin of clicks to your page.

But what do you do with this information? Rather than run a skin-deep reality check on this data, you can get mass insights channeled to your Moosend account where all this information becomes actionable.

So, now, the aforesaid customer will receive a Thank-You or Thank-You-for-Your-First-Purchase email you set up for this event with our Automations! Either of these email sequences can be enriched to include product recommendations based on the data OpenCart saved for you, such as other items they viewed. This data has been funneled to your Moosend account in real time.
From the point you set up this Thank-You automation workflow and on, once they purchase, each one of your customers will be presented with the items they are most likely to interact with based on their tracked previous behavior.

This increases the probability of conversions and purchase intentions on your site, as well as repeat customers, since your suggestions are always going to be on point.

This is massive.

It’s like building a bridge that draws all transactional and behavioral information on the spot and drives this over to the respective automations you have set on your Moosend account.

Sync Data on your OpenCart store and marketing actions, on Moosend’s platform!

Sync Data on your OpenCart

Imagine the thousands of leads flocking to your website every day: managing to grab their email addresses and generate leads for your sales and marketing teams is gold. Nothing extra to budget for, all included in your current Moosend account!

What can you fetch from your ecommerce store with Deep Data Integrations?

You can seamlessly import email addresses, sync, and segment them dynamically according to their actions they take on your website. These addresses will end up in different mailing lists every time and will continue to be segmented every time they interact or don’t interact with your emails, based on the automations you have set up.

To put it simply:

Let’s say one of your subscribed leads makes their first purchase. You can set up an automation to segment this lead into a mailing list of Engaged Subscribers/One-time customers. Once this customer repeats their purchases time and again, provided you have set up a Loyalty email sequence, their history of purchases is tracked and updates a score for your customer. Then, once the score reaches a designated number (set by you when designing the workflow), automatically, the customer enters the segment of Highly Engaged Customers and gets relevant content, namely discounts, giveaways, and of course, similar product recommendations based on their previous online behavior.

Tap into the invaluable information your OpenCart platform has been collecting for you and automatically sync it into your segment-specific newsletter and automations.

Highlighting New Potential for Your Business

Get fuller customer profiles with Deep Data Integrations!

With website tracking you can perform on-site segmentation on the spot. More specifically, With Moosend’s Deep Data Integration for OpenCart, you can segment your mailing list on the basis of:

  • Total pageviews
  • Total purchases made
  • Recent purchases
  • Total spending on a specific product
  • Total spending on the website, and so on

on-site segmentation on the spot

To rise further above your competitors, go on to use website tracking with automations in order to segment. Doing so involves designing your very own automation, setting up Moosend to perform the tasks for you by segmenting on the basis of:

  • Those who abandoned their cart -> Send them a series of reminders
  • Those who are new subscribers -> Send them a welcome email sequence
  • Those who purchased anew -> Send them a “Thank you” email sequence, including “Other items you might like”, etc.
  • Those who have spent a year on your mailing lists -> Send them a “Happy anniversary!” workflow
  • Those who have been loyal customers for longer -> Send them a reward email
  • And so on

The efficiency-friendly alternative to designing an automation from scratch is to pick one of our automated workflow templates, called Recipes, which address the most common challenges across industries. From abandoned carts, to welcome emails, upsell/cross-sell reminders, re-engagement workflows, customer happiness surveys, and so on.

The log of insights

It is now easier to access:

New Registrations

See how many signed up, and send them a beautifully crafted Welcome email sequence. Get more ideas here.

Page views

Find out the number of and frequency at which visitors and customers viewed your website. Max out on this information by sending out a Welcome email to every email you obtain in the process.

select a trigger


What about the number of purchases over a time span among subscribers across your mailing lists? Choose the right Recipe to incentivize the less engaged ones or reward the most committed ones(loyalty sequence part 1, loyalty sequence part 2)!

Add-to-Cart events

Track all add-to-cart events and automate You-forgot-something-in-your-cart reminders to get more conversions!

You need more examples of our latest release’s superpowers? Moosend’s platform automatically estimates the lifetime value of every customer, the total revenue of a product on your website, the total revenue of a campaign or even the total revenue of your website as a whole. Track custom events by designing your very own automations!

Welcome to Moosend x OpenCart. We’ve been waiting for you!

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