How to write Emails that will lead to a successful Email Marketing Campaign Vol.3

How to write Emails that will lead to a successful Email Marketing Campaign Vol.3

How to trigger engagement in your emails

In the previous blog post (Vol. 2) we examined some useful tips in order to get your emails opened.

So, you made your emails more personal and you managed to increase their open rates. Now, what? It is obvious that you do not want your recipients just to open the email. You want them to read it and transfer them your message.

In other words, you need to increase the levels of engagement. The best way to do this is to follow the next tips we will show you. These tips come as a result of our experience here inMoosend. So, let’s get started:

1. Be quick

Nobody wants to read long written emails. They don’t have the time and they will lose their interest. On the contrary, keep it short and you will attract their attention.

2. Don’t write always the same things

In other words, try to add a variety in your emails. If your readers receive the same format, every time, then they will get bored and will just delete your email, after they opened it.

3. Be authentic

You have to do this because you want to build trust with your readers.

4. Don’t write the usual greetings

Try to add a personal touch in your greetings. In this way, you will make your readers feel more comfortable and you will become more personal.

5. Use more personal words, e.g. You

This is a powerful tip! The word YOU is considered to be one of the most persuasive words.

6. Write in a natural way

Be human. You write emails for humans, not machines. In addition, keep in mind that the email is a means of communication with your potential customers or readers. Just forget that you design an Email marketing campaign for selling purposes.

7. Do not be afraid of asking questions

Try to see the content of your email as a form of dialogue between you and the readers. If you had a conversation with them, wouldn’t you place questions? This is exactly the same situation with the email campaign. It is not a face to face conversation, but you have to act like it was. In this way you will become, again, more personal.

These are the 7 tips you must follow in order to attract the attention of your readers and trigger the engagement. As we mentioned in the beginning, this post is the third step in designing a perfect email marketing campaign.

In the next blog post (vol. 4), which will be the last, we will show you how to succeed in selling in your emails. So, stay tuned.

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