How to write Emails that will lead to a successful Email Marketing Campaign Vol.2

How to write Emails that will lead to a successful Email Marketing Campaign Vol.2

How to achieve higher Open Rates

In the previous blog post (Vol. 1) we offered you some tips on how to make your emails more personal. It is the first step you have to make during the process of the design of an effective and targeted email marketing campaign.

This second post will show some tips that will help you to achieve a higher percentage of open rates of your email campaign.

It is obvious that the people of your list will receive every day tons of emails. So, you have to be sure that your email will not get lost and will trigger their interest and, so, they will decide to open it.

This means that you have to be very careful with your Email Subject Line. You must write a subject line that will attract the attention of your reader’s eye. Let’s see some tips in order to increase your open rates:

1. Use emotional words

We are not machines but we have feelings and emotions. Try to use powerful and emotional words. In this way, your will manage to differentiate your email from the rest of their inbox.

2. Make them feel curious

Try to avoid offering the whole piece of your information at once. Just make an information gap and you will see that your readers will want to find out more. It is a good practice that leads to high open rates.

3. Make a good promise

Do not just offer something. Make them understand that through this offer they will feel better for themselves or they will be better at their business or work.

4. Use numbers

It seems that the use of numbers / digits tends to attract the attention of the eye.

5. Do not try to be clever

This means that you don’t have to show off or show yourself as an authority. You subject line has to be simple and effective at the same time.

6. Build trust with your readers

One of the most important things you have to do is to build trust and loyalty with your readers. If you succeed in doing this, then readers will expect for your emails and will not hesitate or refuse to open them. They will open your email because they will know your name, no matter what the subject line will be.

7. A/B Testing

Make an experiment and try something new. Send different versions of your email, one more classic and one containing the tips mentioned above, and see which one leads to better results. Of course, you are welcome to try our features in order to design your email campaign.

These are the 7 tips you must follow in order to get your emails opened. This post is the second step in designing a perfect email marketing campaign.

In the next blog post (vol. 3) we will show you how to write better and more engaging emails. So, stay tuned.

Feel free to comment and share your opinion and don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will be super excited if you decide to become a part of our email marketing world!

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