How to write a good subject line (Part2)?

How to write a good subject line (Part2)

In the second part of “How to write a good subject line” we will give you some important tips in order to get great results.

It is very crucial to understand how important is to create a subject line that will make your recipients open it.

After the “from” address, that should definitely be your company name, the subject line will make your recipients answer the question:

Is it worthy opening this email?

It is easy to understand that you have only few words to make your subject line competitive, specific and create a sense of curiosity.

So here is what you should try to do:

Keep it short:

Try to keep your subject line short. It must not exceed 50 characters including spaces. Recent studies have shown that subject lines with less than 50 characters have 10 percent higher open rates than those with 51 characters and more.

Keep it specific:

Make you subject line as specific as you can and not generic in order to draw your recipients attention.

For example: “ Newsletter: June 2011” doesn’t say anything, doesn’t give any tip regarding the content.

It is better to write: “ Newsletter: 5 Tips for Better Vacations” It will draw recipients attention, cause it gives them a hint of what they will read. But make sure that the content meets your subject line.

Take your Time:

Writing a subject line is as important as the content, so give some time to think of a good subject and not just write down the first that came up to your mind. Try to think two or three different subject lines and then make a voting among your colleagues. You should definitely use the one with the most votes.

Run some Tests:

In order to decide and conclude which is the best subject line that you are about to use, every time you send a campaign marketing newsletter, try to send to the same group of recipients newsletters with different subject lines. They will tell you which one they prefer, by watching the open rates in the reports of your campaign.

Or you can split your mailing list and send the same newsletter with different subject lines.

Run those tests a couple of times and then choose the subject line with the most openings. This one should be your default form of subject line.

Reconsider it:

Before sending your newsletter, reconsider your subject line. Read it once more and think if your subject line meets your content.

If your newsletter is about one product it is easier, but if it is generic you should be very careful. Highlight the top topics and think of a subject that includes everything and that will tease the recipients’ curiosity and will make them want to read more.

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