How to succeed with email marketing in the beauty industry

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Cosmetics and beauty industry, regardless the others markets’ ups and downs, has always been a booming and always up to date market. This is why, new players are entering the market every day, players that need to stay focused and learn fast the inside info as well as the crucial data to stay well informed.

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Beauty ecommerce is the key term as products sold online are a huge market and billion dollars (over $55 billion are brought in the cosmetics industry, Statista, 2014) are moving hands every day. You see, our appearance is one of the most important things we have when interacting with other people, and we need to take care of it every day. But the decision making process is quite unique and that’s what we’ll be investigating below.

Some useful data (Source: Beauty Company)

– Between 16 and 65 a typical woman would shop for cosmetics at least 5 times each year
– Every time she shops spends around $43
– Over a lifetime, a typical women would spend $15,000 on cosmetics

Keep these in mind as we dive in the beautiful world of cosmetics and brands that make us look and feel beautiful!

Looking for new customers’ emails
By now, you have come to realize the importance of gathering the emails of new users and fans when entering a new market, service or area of interest. Unification of all of your marketing efforts is the key here.

Owned Digital Media
Your social media channels and blog are here to serve you. Try running special offers and attractive (for your audience) contests where you will mainly ask for their email. Place your brand where they can see it and want to have it. Them giving you their email is their first step into your amazing world of tips and offers, so make sure you provide them content they will be lusting to get their hands on. This will not only bring you new subscribers in, but also will be converting into sales. “How to” videos is the hottest content you can create right now.

Paid Digital Media/Advertising
A good strategy is to start off with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and then continue, as you grow, with organic results you will achieve step by step. Social Media Advertising will get your brand out there and Google Adwords will bring people that are really close to the buying decision in your online store. To assist your efforts, try advertising with industry’s leading digital magazines and be featured in social media influencers’ posts.

How to Opt-In
All these “Subscribe” and CTA buttons give you a constant feed of data for your visitors, clients and users. Use it to create an email marketing strategy that will not only bring brand awareness, but also customer feedback and of course sales. Make sure you have a consistent email strategy and that you offer the best discounts, sales, coupons so that your customers keep your open rates high and the conversions even higher!

Make sure you collect the data you need right from the beginning. You may think “If I ask too much, they will never provide it” but you will be surprised: Customers need any personalization you can offer because it makes it easier for them to decide on the best offer.

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Sending high quality personalized emails to your subscribers is considered to be a very good helping hand to your sales. How can you use the segmentation feature to have an impressive personalization strategy?

– By gender
Men make their shopping in a very different way than the women and the gender influences the products and services your potential customer is interested in. In order to keep your every day products moving, you need to add the gender in the details you ask for from a new customer.

– By age
Age changes our need for products. The more relevant the products you send over, the more converting your offerings will be. And we all want that 🙂

– By area of interest
There are so many different products in the beauty and cosmetics industry that would cause you to be completely lost. If you know what your subscriber buys more often or likes to search for, well, this is a really really good start. And it will be even more easy to keep the conversions coming.

– By his/her buying behavior
Try using our world-class segmentation feature and you will be able to connect data like demographics (age, gender etc) with your subscribers’ behaviour on your newsletter (opens, clicks, devices etc). Then you can narrow them by connecting everything mentioned before, with their buying behaviour, utilizing our User Actions features (available for every type of plan you may have), a feature that allows you to track what your users are doing on your website.

You can then use the patterns created regarding buying behaviors to segment subscribers in the most effective way. This could effectively explain why and how your customer made each and every buying decision. Successively, this can help you predict what you users will search and buy for… Oh, yes it is one of the most exciting features we have! Start trying it with your free credits, now!

Well ok. I’ll give it a try tomorrow, or next week…
You can’t afford to not use personalization when marketing your products. Moosend’s case studies showed a +5% in open rates: campaigns that used personalization had an average open rate of around 21%. The ones that didn’t use personalization at all, got a non impressive 14,6%.

Let’s check out the data
Again, for your eyes only, here’s some data from the email campaigns sent right within the Moosend platform.

Monday and Friday are the best days
After long sets of data, we found out that those two days are the best performing ones! For sure, Friday makes a sense as the best day to send an email for beauty products but Monday? This is clearly a new addition in eCommerce and is converting better. You see, your customer re-opens the email to actually buy your product later in the week (Thursday or even Friday)

Between 12pm and 2pm
This is the most successful and effective timeslot. So, prefer to send your emails between these times of the day

Long subject lines
Did you expect that your customers want it short and sweet? It came as a surprise that they actually want to read and click a longer subject line, anything between 80 and 160 characters.

Give those emailing tips a try and let us know how they work for you. We love to chat about emails!

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