How To Growth Hack Your Email Marketing

How To Growth Hack Your Email Marketing

From the very beginning, we at Moosend decided that we will differentiate from the rest by supporting real-time our customers: When you need us we will be a phone call away, or a Skype call, or a tweet, or a comment at Facebook… We listen to you and your problems every day, even during the weekends. For us, this isn’t an uncomfortable procedure but a process where we learn things about you, your way of thinking and solving problems and of course, we learn our product and what we need to do to evolve it to better serve your needs.

One of the things we find ourselves very often discuss with you is your need to grow with your product and always be up to date with new trends and techniques. Sometimes this is a constant optimization, applying and testing process that takes time. And seldom do you have the time to… take your time or the resources to apply all these effectively. And that’s where growth hacking comes!

We are working closely with GrowthRocks and therefore value their work in identifying what really works (and obviously does not) in a web based business. This Thursday they come prepared to answer questions we all have.

Unfortunately, you think you are the only ones to have these questions in the whole wide world! But we can gladly confirm we all had to cope with these kind of problems in the past or will have to handle in the future. So, join us this Thursday, when Moosend in association with Savvas from GrowthRocks will present the How To Growth Hack Your Email Marketing, webinar!
If you struggle to get out of your comfort zone and become the marketer you dream of, catch your targets, boost your growth and to totally nail those clicks, then this webinar is tailor-made for you.
Learn how to hack your email marketing by thinking and acting like a top-notch growth hacker.

What you’re about to learn:

Join the webinar on Thursday, June 11th, 2015 on 15:00 UK / 17:00 Greece / 10:00 New York and learn:

– Why no one wants to subscribe to your newsletter
– How the growth hacker’s mindset can take your email marketing to the next level
– How to set your KPIs and boost your email list growth
– Best practices for A/B Testing your copywriting and calls-to-action

Savvas Zortikis has been leading marketing automation campaigns for large corporations and multinational brands, like BMW Sweden, in more than 16 countries. Savvas’ experience is in automating user acquisition and retention, building viral loops and optimizing digital campaigns. He likes to share his knowledge and constantly writes in marketing and analytics blogs, like KISSmetrics.

Get in here, grab a seat and a pen. Let me get my pen, too. This is good stuff.

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