Email newsletters vs social networks = 1-1

Email newsletters vs social networks = 1-1

During the last few years , there is a huge development of Social Networks Marketing Strategies. No doubt about this , social networks are great tools for new age marketeers, who tend to use them almost exclusively for their campaigns.
On the other hand, email marketing – Internet Marketing grandfather – is mature enough, many times even misread due to spam issues , but based on my opinion is the ultimate marketing tool.
Let me share with you my thoughts :

1) Email newsletter, stays in user’s inbox as long as he/she decides to read it, forward it, delete it or mark it as spam. In social networks , new updates ( tweets, fb walls etc) replace olds. There is a huge possibility that your audience will never read your marketing updates since these will have already been replaced by a farmville invitation(!).

2) Most people use social networks , just to make fun with their old/new friends. So their logic is usually ( not always ) “anti-marketing”. Of course this is not a rule, it is in the marketeer’s hand and brain to find new ways to promote new products and services ( for example a facebook game…) . Email marketing is more professional , due to the fact that emails are most used for business stuff and not for having fun.

3) An email newsletter is always unique. Your imagination and some simple design rules are the limits. Social updates are limited in 2-3 lines and maybe a photo.

4) Emails are more measurable than social updates. You have the ability to know exaclty who read the newsletter, what links were the most clickable and more efficient.

5) And finally relevant cost. Email marketing has some expenses, but most of the times, significant higher ROI . Social campaings are cheaper, but results are much worse ( Except cases that social campaigns co exist with online game apps, coupons, etc)

These were the advantages of email marketing vs social marketing. But there are and some disadvantages such as:

1) Running email campaigns requires technical skills. That why you need moosend to take care all the necessary procedures . There is no comparison with the simplicity of setting up a facebook / twitter business page and start writing.

2) Building your email lists from skratch is really a time consuming task and it depends on several parameters ( Search engine results’ positions, website design). Twitter and facebook let you grow your audience much more quickly, because of the existant undergoing users networks with millions of interconnections. And you can gain from these very easily.
So the score is a draw. You can and must use social media but you cannot forget to design and send email newsletters. It is the best way to keep in touch with your customers and your leads.

And Moosend is your No.1 assistant in this…

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