Email Marketing will Never Die!

Panos Melissaropoulos, Moosend co-founder and business development director recently gave an interview to a leading greek business news portal, Since the interview is in greek, we decided to share with you the interview’s main take-outs. We believe that since you belong to our family (because you are Moosend’s customers) you need to know the past, the vision and the plans ahead for us. For you.

Panos Melissaropoulos

Panos shared the story. We kept notes of it:

– We partly consider ourselves a startup company. We take risks and decisions keeping a startup pace (meaning quickly), in an agile way without complexed procedures. On the other hand, we have a growth rate and income that doesn’t exactly justify the term “startup” for Moosend.

– We started 3,5-4 years ago, without any funding. We just invested some money and our work. Everything that we make from the first moment is invested back in the company, for new staff, resources, infrastructure etc. We can now expand to new markets, hire more people and start making our dream come true!

– In terms of staff we are 6x more (compared to last year) and MoM our growth rate is 30-35%+

– Capital controls in Greece, affected us but only in relation with greek customers. We have established a big part of the business and of the customer basis in foreign countries, such as the UK and Poland, so the affection was relatively small. On the other hands, email marketing remains one of the main channels that companies use to communicate with their clients. So, even when our greek customers couldn’t pay us, we didn’t cancel anyone’s account and let everyone use our services more and more.

Moosend currently has users literally everywhere: from USA & Finland to Indonesia & South Africa. We have offices in (the very demanding and very successful for us) London, Romania, Poland and Turkey, quite recently. Several european countries to follow in 2016 in Europe. Our biggest target remains the US. That’s where our biggest competitors are active. We need to be very careful and precautious with the US.

Email marketing’s growth rate is amazing. Email marketing will never die. We need an email account for whatever we do (social media, bank accounts, telephone number etc). Email is used for whatever you want to do. It might change its ways, it might be enriched. But it will never die.

3 YES’s and 3 NO’s for the email marketeer:


Always test

Always innovate

Always personalise and target

NO (there’s only one)

Never send email to a recipient that hasn’t opted-in. In other words, don’t spam

One of main Moosend characteristics is that, in the team, we feel like a family and we don’t have private offices.


We wanted to have a very playful company character and we always look for a chance to escape from work. This is what the Moosend cow represents for us.
Please read and watch Panos Melissaropoulos’ interview in greek.

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