Email marketing solutions built for agencies: is it science fiction?

A lot has been said and written about what email marketers really want from their marketing agency. It was also surprising to see that 82% of marketers in a large U.S. survey have business needs that are unmet by their current agencies. These unmet needs include measuring and reporting the impact and ROI of marketing and advertising programs (43% of respondents), and taking advantage of Big Data opportunities (28%). In a way, the marketer feels that the agency is a partner that helps understand metrics and bring results.

unmet needs pie-chart

But what about the agency’s needs? Does the technology help the agency in this effort to drive growth for his customer? Does jumping from one tool to another make customer service a nightmare for them? Are there any services available to make the everyday life of agencies easier and more efficient? In order to have an aspect of both sides of the coin, let us focus on that part of the story.

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Digital Marketing agencies that handle multiple online projects and deal with the marketing campaigns of their customers, or even software houses, they should be considered as a market niche that needs special care and affection. The importance in the case of such organizations is the fact that they need a feature that would allow Client Managementunder one roof, giving them the opportunity to execute marketing activities – amongst which, email campaigns- in a multi-tasking environment, more effectively.

The platform -jumping Ninjas

As a Digital Marketing agency, you handle various online projects for your customers, you are part of the strategy, you drill down to Big Data, you are doing creative, you editcontent, you handle the social media, you run the display ads, the adword campaigns, the email campaigns etc. so you are more like a Ninja, jumping from one platform to the other, to help your customers with their online results. Concerning email marketing, you need to be able to manage the email campaigns of all your customers effectively, under one single account, with a very friendly user interface, give them access to their reporting if you wish, and take advantage of the economies of scale in pricing. In many cases, what you need is also a feature that would allow you to present an Email Marketing tool as your own solution –therefore a “White Label” solution. The choice that an agency has for choosing a vendor that would cover such needs can be a real headache sometimes, and the solutions available are limited.

So what’s the story?

Let’s imagine the situation: As a large organization or agency, most probably you would like:

– to own a parent account in an ESP, and to be able to add there several sub-accountsthat you manage,

– to decide whether you want to let your customers login to their account with their own username and password, in order to see their reporting pages
– without letting him see the reports of other customers,
– without seeing any billing page and without being able to purchase any email credits etc.
– to be able to set your own profit, and handle the commission plan, so the price that the end customer would see and pay is the one that you have decided that he should pay. For instance, if your customer needs to purchase a credit plan of 200.000 credits, which costs let’s say 400 usd from your ESP, and you decide that you want to set a profit margin of 25%, you want your ESP to charge the end customer with 500 usd, as a mark-up, and receive the credit of 100 usd back at your own master account after payment,
– to be able to make all the links of the email campaigns lead to your own custom domain. This means that when you send an email campaign for your customer, the links inside your html newsletter will lead to, instead So practically, that means that you could offer this service like it was developed by you, and you are actually reselling the service. You want this service to be completely hidden, and the only firm one sees behind this is your agency.
– to have economies of scale in pricing, so that the solution would be even more affordable. So let’s say you are handling the email campaigns of two customers and you are reporting to them. Their email lists consist of 30.000 subscribers, and 15.000 subscribers respectively. Until now, you maintained two different accounts in your ESP, the one costing you $120/month for the scale of 25.000-50.000 recipients for unlimited campaigns, and the other $70/month for the scale of 10.000-25.000 subscribers for unlimited campaigns. Surely you would prefer to add both Clients under your parent account, and manage these two Sub-accounts with 45.000 subscribers with only $120/month, also getting an additional agency discount from your ESP?

Do all these sound like science fiction?

set your own profit

When being a Ninja is not enough

The true and everyday needs of any given customer in any industry are not science fiction. They should just show us the way. A feature built for agencies that allows Client Management, is the answer to many problems and the solution of various everyday issues.The account manager working with a customer cannot always be a Ninja. And as a human, he makes mistakes. Imagine him having a single account, with all the databases of his customers inside. Bad things happen. You wouldn’t like to send a newsletter to the wrong database, would you?

So let’s get back to the survey mentioned above, about the unmet customers’ needs. Wouldn’t an email marketing service built for agencies help them calculate ROI of email campaigns more effectively for their customers? Wouldn’t it help them take advantage of big data opportunities, and share this data with their customers in a more secure manner?

A feature we recently built here in Moosend for marketing agencies gives them less things to worry about. Is this comfort? I guess so. It surely is practical, affordable, effective and brilliant, making the everyday life of email marketing professionals more efficient. Read more and enjoy!


Part of this article appeared first at Email Vendor Selection.

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