eMail Marketing for e-commerce: 9 ways to make money

Can Email Marketing practices bring money to my online business?

For marketers that work in the e-commerce business, it is well accepted and known that Email Marketing practices can create revenue to an e-commerce site.

So where is the money? What set of tactics can I follow to make sure that the recipients of my email newsletter become long lasting happy customers with repeated purchases? Let’s find out.

Money comes with methodic mailing list creation
Money exists in the creation of a healthy and engaging mailing list, and we’ve explained in the past how you can achieve this. Users that give their permission to receive email newsletters from an online store, have actually decided to purchase a product at some point, at the minute they enter their email address to the site. By carefully promoting the subscriptions in your website, you can add valuable prospect buyers.

Money comes with Personalization
Providing a first name to your website establishes an element of trust between you and your email recipients. You can use this information in your subject line, to boost the Open Rate of your newsletter, as well as in the email’s introduction. Using only the recipient’s first name, leads to a small but noticeable boost in open rates on average. That effect varies by industry: The use of first names in subject lines has a large positive impact when used in government, creative services, and political emails; however, first-name personalization has a negative impact on open rates for the legal industry.

Money comes with careful choice of subject lines
Keep it less than 50 characters long
Use specific words. Emails with the word “alert” in their subject lines have a 38.1% higher than average open rate and 61.8% higher click rate, also “free delivery” (+50.7% higher open rate, +135.4% click rate) and “bulletin” (+15.8%, +12.7%) also performed very well in the email campaigns analyzed in a recent study as shown below.


Use symbols. The most popular symbols we’ve seen in subject lines, put in order of popularity, are: ♥ ★ ☼ ♫ ☀ ✿ ☆ ♡ ⇒ ☺ ❤ ✈ ✞ → ☂. Use them and you’ll be surprised how they will boost your open rates.
Use the recipient’s first name as we mentioned above.

Money comes with great content

No matter how clever you use all email marketing practices, if you have nothing important to say in your newsletter, it will end up deleted, and soon you’ll start losing subscribers. Do your best to have great offers, which answer the question “what’s in it for me” and do not neglect to include a specific call to action, so that your subscriber knows exactly what he has to do. And do not forget to use incentives.

Money comes with Testing
Use A/B testing to boost your campaign performance. Test different versions of your newsletter, with two different subject lines, two different messages in your HTML or test even different senders. Test sending days or times, by keeping a control group of recipients that keeps receiving it as usual, and a test group with different sending times or days. Then test frequency, and combine the outcome with the unsubscribe results you get. You don’t want to loose recipients due to high frequency, right?

Money comes with careful examination of user engagement
What do your recipients do after receiving your newsletter? How many times do they open your email newsletter? What kind of offers do they prefer? What are your most popular links? Who are your most loyal recipients, that will gradually transform into prospects and then actual buyers? Having the people, time and resources to examine trends and user preferences in your list, increases the likelihood of you making money from them.

Money comes with targeted campaigns
A December 2013 survey of US digital shoppers found that 81% of recipients of emails containing personalization drawing from previous shopping behaviours and preferences would be at least somewhat likely to increase their purchases as a result of targeted emails. So try to come up with tailored offers addressed to the right target groups of recipients, according to their past purchasing behaviour.



Money does not come with email spamming
Make sure you do not purchase a mailing list, and keep away from spam traps. If the people you’re emailing did not directly sign up to receive your news, then your emails are considered unsolicited. You’ll end up with very low engagement metrics (opens & clicks), very poor results in sales, and most probably you’ll end up blacklisted.

Money comes with good List Hygiene practices
Remove improperly formatted email addresses and syntax errors, remove emails such as sales@, support@, info@ etc from your mailing list. Remove recipients that do not engage in a time frame of let’s say – one year. And replace them with new subscriptions coming from promotional activities, which will be of more value to you.

Practicing email marketing for your e-commerce business is a valuable asset that can help you bring revenue and growth. Keep up with the trends, and enjoy the results!