Email marketing: 5 ways to take advantage of the current news

Try to think how much of your day is consumed reading the news… You can’t calculate it, hah? Is it because you are rarely disconnected from the internet and always scroll down to more news and ads and emails etc?

The publishing industry? When the internet landed in our lives, publishers all over the world had to face a huge decline. But right now, the industry is now facing a new era: Whoever understood the challenges and nailed them in time, is completely and utterly thriving!

Let’s try to understand how you can use current news AND a very well “optimised” news consumer: 66% of emails were opened on a smartphone (47.2%) or a tablet (18.5%) in Q1, 2014 (Movable Inc). Moreover, as the TecMark research indicates, on average:
– We reach for our phone at 7:31am in the morning and use it for 3 hrs and 16 minutes throughout the day
– We check personal emails and Facebook before we get out of bed
– Many of us pick up our phones more than 1,500 times each week

So, now that we have our recipient hooked on his mobile device, let’s see how this can be utilised by you.

mobile user

First and foremost: It is all about your customer
Don’t just talk about yourself. If you want your recipient to “interrupt his life” to read an email campaign you just sent out, it would be best if you shared something that has to do with HIM NOT YOU. This is also known as personalization.

So, starting from now, try to answer these questions with your marketing outreach:

– How can you be of help to your customer?
– How can your recipient earn something?
– How can you teach something valuable to your subscriber?
– How can you make a difference in his day?

Email marketing the forex industry
Well, this is one of the most time-sensitive industry of all. Whether you have a forex blog or operate a forex platform, it doesn’t matter. Your “client” will thank you for exactly the same thing: information (you can also call it fundamental analysis). How can you help him out?

– Let him know what the important facts of the day, week, month, year are. Consult with a real time economic calendar and elaborate on the main and most important events that may change the trading prices between the different currency pairs. You can see here a screenshot (from the fxstreet economic calendar) where you can identify the most important news (volatility expected) by the quantity of the exclamation marks (a yellow one=not so important, 2 orange ones=could prove to be rather important, 3 red ones=big economic event).

news by importance

The most crucial thing here, is to send your newsletter right before the important event so your “customer” will have just enough time to read, understand the importance of the news and go online to trade. Soon, a lot of people will trust you with their emails as long as you keep informing them about the big trading news ahead.

BUT, when it comes to trading, the news ahead aren’t the most important thing. Keep an eye on the historical data: how did the same events helped shape the volatility of the trading day? That is THE most important part of all. Try to focus your efforts on informing your subscribers, how the past events changed the markets’ behavior and you’ll have a very dedicated audience, ready to click through and consume your content.

If you are a publisher
What are the news that seem to attract your readers’ attention the most? Yep, that’s right: Breaking News. Yes, they just scroll around and just read the headlines, but when you broadcast big news, well, you really have them clicking your big, bold and brave headline. So, why, don’t you make your readers subscribe to a special breaking news newsletter? Want some examples?

– When Madonna is pictured wearing farsightedness glasses, send me a newsletter
– If Brad Pitt divorces Angelina Jolie, let me know
– When there is a big natural disaster, send me the news.

All the above are just indicative, but are absolutely news segmentations you can surely create in your Moosend database (and in parallel you will be gathering loads of data!). Give it a try! Have your audience on the edge of their seats…ehmm, sorry, I meant tablets!

Let’s go on the retail side of things
There are few tricks that enable you to engage with your audiences in real time better than email campaigns inspired by top headlines.

Nowadays, the competition amongst retail brands is fierce and everyone is trying hard to attract customers’ attention. In order to achieve this, you need to establish a meaningful dialogue with your audience and ensure you stay relevant and targeted to your client’s needs.

The email campaigns you can see below, serve as great examples of how breaking news can offer you inspiration for original campaign and promotions ideas with great opens and CTRs, even from a first glance you operate in an unrelated industry.

And if you are looking at what our customers are interested in, SEO stats and trending hashtags in your area can’t prove wrong!

Taskrabbit campaign for the tube strike
Taskrabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighbourhood. For Taskrabbit, the imminent London tube strike (and associated chaos) was seen as an opportunity to serve their London-based customers in an unprecedented way!

Greece fiscal crisis and delivery service
How could a food delivery service leverage the whole buzz around Greece’s potential exit from the Eurozone? Hungryhouse from time to time features different types of cuisine and promotes relevant restaurants. However, by combining its latest cuisine spotlight with a country that has topped the recent headlines makes the campaign feel less canned.

Kudos to Hungryhouse for utilising a quite sensitive topic while their campaign manages to stay socially responsible without feeling offensive.

Uber heatwave
18th July 2014 has been forecasted as the hottest day of last year and Uber certainly wouldn’t leave their customers beat the heatwave alone. The weather-inspired email marketing campaign not only offered a value-added service to Uber’s clients but also helped establish the brand as the “marketplace of everything” and not just a cab company.

uber's personalization mail

Did we miss anything? Well, I am certain we did! Let us know in the comments how you have incorporated current news in your email marketing strategy.

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