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email design trends

Ever since Twitter gained popularity in 2006, marketers saw the potential in social marketing and this sparked the ever going discussion of “Social Media Marketing v/s Email Marketing”. Though they both have their own individuality while helping marketers reach their target audience, email marketing is a vital part of any marketer’s marketing strategy.

This is evident in the Michael J. Barber’s session in Digital Summit, Atlanta as you can see in the tweets below.

Digital Summit tweets


Digital Summit tweets

But what makes email greatly helpful in customer acquisition as well as customer retention? The answer is, Email Design. A well written content shall help you generate prospective leads, but only when the design is pleasing enough and attracting attention when the email is opened. An in-depth method on “How to Design Emails That Your Audience Will Love” is covered previously, head down there to get acquainted.

A Great Design Comes Forth From an Inspiration

In order to STAND OUT from the competition flooding your subscribers’ inbox, it is very crucial to present them with email designs that are out-of-the-box. Moosend has a new campaign editor, wherein you can create stellar emails based your inspiration with easy to use drag and drop functionality. But inspiration requires creativity & ingenuity and one source of drawing inspiration is from observing the current and ongoing trends. So let’s move ahead in observing the email design trends that have been carried forward from 2016 as well as predicting the trends that may spring up in 2017.

Throwback to 2016 Email Design Trends

From the many emails that have been gracing our inboxes for the past year, conveying most from minimal resources has been the prime focus while designing emails. Including information in visuals such as animated GIFs, embedded videos, Cinemagraphs has been a trend since long.

Nest's animated email

Even though it means breaking the ideal 80/20 text to image ratio, many brands are now experimenting with minimal design, where the text is included in a static image.

Kate spade minimal design email

Some brands have also adopted unconventional email design, taking a leaf from common elements that are a part of our everyday life.

taco bell unconventional email design

Winds of change that are blowing in 2017

With most common email clients supporting CSS animation, emails are gradually becoming interactive in nature. Moreover, for those subscribers with non-supporting email clients, the user experience is not affected thanks to appropriate fallback support provided while developing the email.

Emails sporting elements that flip or hover or rotate on user interaction achieved through Keyframe animation, ease the blow of JavaScript not being supported by email clients.
Moreover, as the need for emails to be personalized increased, it opened up opportunities for using dynamic content blocks to serve personalized and customized information to subscribers.

Wrapping up

Henry Ford once quoted:

If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.

Trends are subject to change as per the change in the taste of your subscriber, and sometimes you have to become the trendsetter. Yet having a hand on the pulse is always helpful in churning out the best of amongst the best emails in the years to come.

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