How to Develop Your Valentine Email Marketing Campaign

Valentine Email Marketing Campaign

Love is in the air during Valentine’s Day! The day is the time when lovers ignite their flames of desire once again. There is no better way to show your beloved how much you truly care for them than gifts.

While lovebirds should focus working on their relationships to create stronger and longer lasting bonds, material things are nonetheless expressions of how much your loved one means to you.

The more meaningful the gift, the more they will appreciate you.

This reason is why eCommerce must step up their game before Valentine’s Day, which is in less than a full week from now.

The competition will be fierce but you need to keep up with the challenge of making a sale on this day to get a lion’s share of the profits.

To give you a better idea of what you’re getting into, an infographic from The Shelf details consumer behavior during Valentine’s Day for the past years.

consumers spends


To view the complete infographic, click here.

Aside from the mind-boggling figures of total spendings through the years, below are other statistics that you need to know in preparation for marketing on the most romantic day of the year.

  • Men spend more than women during Valentine’s Day ($191 to $97 on 2015)
  • $703 million of the total spendings on the day go to gifts for pets
  • 34% of consumers have unfollowed brands due to disruptive marketing on the latter’s part

More importantly, the infographic reveals the big role that digital marketing plays in influencing buyer decisions on Valentine’s Day.

The internet provides consumers a platform where they can learn more about products before making a purchase, whether online or in-house.

Another online channel that eCommerce sites need to tap into to grow their sales on Valentine’s Day is email marketing.

If you are deep into e-commerce you should know already that there is no greater practice for your e-shop from building an email list and converting its subscribers into customers.

Therefore, you should find a platform, like Moosend, that will provide you with the tools and resources necessarily in launching profitable and high-converting campaigns.

link not clicked stats

Be extra careful with the kind of analytics the platform of your choice will provide. Make sure that you can see how many of your subscribers opened your email and click on your CTA.

This kind of data will help you develop a much better campaign by doubling down on tactics that worked and abandoning those that didn’t.

Essentially, your success lies on how you develop your campaign.

You need to know how to get into the heads of your recipients and motivate them to ultimately buy your products and services.

To help you get a better grasp on how you should position your email marketing campaign, here’s an infographic featured at MarTech to sink your teeth into.

MarTech valentine infographic

For the full infographic, click here.

Below are some key takeaways from the statistics:

  • The retail industry converts more (28%) than travel (12%). The former has lower abandonment rate (76%) than the latter (86%)
  • Re-engagement works best for the travel industry. It has a 50% email open rate, 13% CTR, and 23% CVR, all of which are higher than the figures of retail (31%, 11%, 5%, respectively)
  • The low conversion rate for travel is attributed to its high average order value (AOV), which is at $563, compared to retail’s $150 AOV.

Being wary of these figures, let’s look at email marketing campaign examples to help inspire you to come up with something that will hopefully increase your sales.

Canopy partners with The Tig

canopy's valentine newsletter

Canopy is a smartphone app that curates the best Amazon products to help customers shop smarter.

Since the brand does not sell retail, it took the most logical approach to take advantage of Valentine’s Day. Canopy partnered with The Tig, owned by Meghan Markle of Suits fame.

Her site is a lifestyle blog that caters to an audience with discernible tastes for food, fashion, and travel.

The core values of both brands are a match, which makes the partnership even more sensible.

Meghan is featured on the Valentine’s Day newsletter to help Canopy promote the gifts they are selling from Amazon.

Square Product Marketing

Square’s email campaigns

If you are a B2B eCommerce site, then you will find a lot to love with Square’s email campaigns. Instead of focusing on what customers want, the point of sale platform developed a campaign to encourage businesses launch a promotional campaign with them on Valentine’s Day.

The simple email design and layout contains two eye-catching CTAs that link to the same page for maximum conversion.

The statistics featured in the email copy is a nice touch to make recipient interested with the offer.

Click here to view the live email.

Path Free Sticker Pack

Path's newsletter

While brands and eCommerce sites are focused on making money on Valentine’s Day, the fact of the matter is not everyone has money to shell out.

Some are probably looking for affordable ways to express their love to their partners.

Social media sharing platform Path is fully aware of this, which is why they offered free Valentine’s sticker pack to users.

Frank Body’s free personalized love letter

Frank Body’s newsletter

Frank Body is an Australian coffee-based skincare retailer. His quirky personality shines through in his online shop – he calls his customers and subscribers as “frankfurts.”

In the wake of the emoji and text-crazed generation, Frank went old school in his recent Valentine’s Day campaign.

He offered to send your loved ones or crushes a personalized love letter written by the man himself.

His offer provides a viable alternative to the usual gifts sent to loved ones during this day.

Charity: Water Loves You

charity:water 's newsletter

Even if your brand doesn’t have a natural connection with Valentine’s Day, you can still take this time to greet your audience and build a meaningful connection with them.

The email sent out by Charity: Water is a great way to use the day as a way to bridge the gap with your subscribers.

Promoting the importance of clean water, Charity: Water was able to communicate its message loud and clear as, well, water.

Key takeaways

From the examples above, below are points that you need to consider when building your own email campaign this Valentine’s Day.

You can’t do it alone

It’s that you decide to be a lone wolf in your crusade for more eCommerce sales.

However, that might not be the smartest and easiest way to encourage customers to get on board with your brand on Valentine’s.

Referring to Canopy’s tie-up with The Tig, it would help if you can find a way to form relationships with other non-competing brands that share your so you can reach your campaign goals.

Offer something that stands out

In a competitive market will limitless choices, you need to position your brand in the most unique way possible to make an impression to your audience.

Taking cue from Frank Body’s quirky email, you can offer something different to your prospective customers aside from discounts and coupons.

Standing out and going against the grain, as long as it plays to your brand’s value propositions, will ultimately help you generate more sales in the long run.

Use Valentine’s as an excuse to connect

Even if your brand has little to do with Valentine’s Day, you can nonetheless use it as a theme to send an email to your subscribers and build relationships with them.

The email campaign of Charity: Water is hardly the most romantic, but it does underline the fact that there is always to love in what you do.

It’s just a matter of communicating them in a clear manner so that your audience will understand to get them on board with your brand.


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s business as usual for most eCommerce sites.

You need to make the most out of this opportunity to make a sale and take a piece of the Valentine’s pie back to your business.

However, you can use the day to at least strengthen the connections with your target customers. Sometimes, it’s not always about making the sale.

Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love with the people you care about. If you can send an email that communicates this message, then it will all be better for your brand.

When it comes to the email marketing platform you will be using, it’s not enough to just use any other platform out there.

Moosend not only lets you conveniently send emails to as many subscribers in your list, but you can also track and measure the results of your campaigns.

The tool’s intuitive drag and drop campaign editor allows you to create stunning emails even if you don’t have design experience.

The data provided to you by the tools once the campaign is dispatched will be easy to interpret. It focuses on the key factors that you need to work on for your next campaign.

This way, your campaigns will soon resonate with your audience more effectively.

More importantly, you can use Moosend’s marketing automation feature to tailor your campaigns based on visitors’ behavior while they browse your e-shop.

For example, if they purchase something from your site, you can send them an exclusive email on Valentine’s Day granting them a discount on their next purchase.

While your approach to your email campaign depends on how you fashion your message to your subscribers, your platform should provide you with a steady and reliable way to manage all your email marketing needs.

We believe that Moosend is that platform. So don’t wait up!

So don’t wait up! Register now for free to Moosend and get advantage of our Valentine’s offer! Get 10% off any Moosend plan for life! Just indicate the coupon code: “Valentine” and you are ready to send amazing campaigns! The offer is valid until 15/02/2017.

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