Customer Story: How a greek startup grew their business on the back of 20% list growth month to month.

Customer Story_How a greek startup grew their business on the back of 20% list growth month to month


Alex Ehrmann and Alex Leoussis are the co-founders of Digilex, a greek startup specializing in creating high calibre e-commerce stores. They have experienced explosive growth and part of their success has been due to their email marketing strategy.

How is it to own a startup in the middle of the Greek crisis? What’s the story?

It’s been 4-5 years now that Greece is experiencing one of its worst crisis of its modern history.

The income of Greeks has been reduced dramatically, the political situation has changed radically and the unemployment has reached to a record high of 60%.

But all these have helped ignite the Greek startup scene the past few years. It has created a very attractive background for startups and investors. Also it has created a new era of entrepreneurs who are trying to thrive under this background by selling or providing something of value and by limiting their running costs.

Founding a startup means investing a lot of time in an idea that may or may not prove successful. Our own startup, Digilex, is a good example. It was early 2011 when, after working together in various projects for years, we decided to partner together and start our own start up company.

We combined our know-how for Online Services and e- commerce and have created a small and robust company.

3 years later, we think that we took the right decision!

What’s the core business of digilex and what products do you currently have live?

Digilex is the company that owns and operates 4 different websites, focused on useful Online Services and e-commerce. Our live projects are the following: is a deals aggregator for the Greek internet Deal Sites market. It provides users a simple and effective way to search & monitor deals for hundreds of products and services offered online and offline. is among the top deal aggregators in the Greek Market. is a concept flash sale e-commerce site, focused on selling three (3) great products every day at the lowest prices in the Greek Market. Products such as homeware, gadgets, electronics, kitchenware and many more lifestyle products are sold daily through our site. is a new online source in Greece for wedding planning, wedding ideas but also christening tips and advice. It is already the largest wedding site in Greece with more than 350.000 visitors/month! is focused on the e-coupon business. It provides a platform for companies to promote their offers to thousands of prospective customers. Users can find offers and e-coupons from variousproduct and service categories from all over Greece.

What advertising channels do you use to promote your products?

Digilex uses a broad and 100% online focused digital marketing mix.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords, Social Media, Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are the main advertising channels that we use to promote all our products/services. The marketing budget is allocated very strategically among these advertising techniques helping our projects to grow fast but steadily.

Every product/site that we own and operate varies in term of the marketing mix that we use for its promotion. Some need a stricter Email Marketing plan, some others need a more SEO marketing approach.

In any case, we invest in marketing channels which make easy for us to calculate the results and ROI that it’s of them can offer to our products/services and Digilex as a whole.

What value do you see in email marketing over the other channels?

 Email Marketing and careful database segmentation is one of the most important advertising channels that we use, but also the one with the highest ROI.

It’s the evolution of the traditional Direct Marketing techniques that allows us to communicate straight to the customer and be as personalized as possible.

Digilex focuses on the customer, data, and accountability. We try to create a very loyal database/clientele. For us, loyalty is the key to success.

Digilex has been a role model of growing a mailing list organically. What’s the secret? What techniques have you used?

As mentioned earlier, database marketing is one of the top and most important channels that we use to promote our products and services.

There are hundreds of ways to grow a mailing list but…only a few if you are looking to grow a loyal list.

A few examples are the following:

– Special Email Subscription Landing Pages

– Contests on Social Media ‡ Facebook Email Sign-ups (on page)

– Affiliate Marketing Techniques (Per Lead- Registration)

– Clear Email Subscription fields on the website

– Web-Over Email Sign-ups

– Thank you Emails

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We often meet clients that have a very slim mailing list and don’t bother with email marketing as they think their list is not big enough to make an impact. What would you recommend to people starting today?

Email marketing is an ideal way of promoting products and services to customers, business prospects or suppliers who have requested to receive such email messages.

Most businesses that use Email marketing have understood the following:

– Email Marketing has a wide reach

– Email Marketing is a great Return-on-Investment advertising medium

– Email Marketing can be personalized

– Email Marketing Is Measurable

– With Email Marketing you can Segment User and Customer Database Information

Overall, Email marketing is cheap. Marketing to hundreds of consumers via email is going to cost you “peanuts” compared to other channels of advertising. Emails can be targeting specifically to the ideal consumer. So, it’s no wonder that email marketing’s ROI often surpasses other direct marketing strategies.

Email marketing is a vital component in many industries, especially for creating those important customer-business relationships. Learn to use it well and it will definitely boost up your company’s success!