Click Maps: Don’t get lost searching for the treasure!

We recently added in Moosend the possibility for you to see the performance of the links included in your email campaign, directly on your newsletter. It is like a map, that’s why we call it Click Map! And it surely helps you find your way on your newsletter’s path, so that you don’t get lost searching for the most popular links: your treasure!

treasure map

First of all, this magical map gives you directions: it directs you to easily find which links were the most preferred ones, in the form of bubbles. And the bigger the bubble, the better performance for the link. Size matters, as always, so now you can’t get lost.

moosend's click map

Moreover, this map will help you track your way to the treasure: you can find general position preferences and position your news and offers accordingly. You can also set your pricing strategy according to position performance, in case you are selling banner positions or ads in your newsletter.
But most importantly, this magical map will lead you to your target, your destination:  the exact subscribers that clicked on your links. By exporting this information to a simple excel file, you can sort your most valuable customers according to their activity, and there you have it: your target audience. The customers that have shown interest on a specific offering are right in front of you. Now you can send them a targeted offer tailored only to their needs and expectations.
You can see here how easy it is to track the most popular links of your newsletter.

When having multiple paths to follow, and various information to consider, this map will surely give you directions to success!


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