The Chinese New Year festival and why to embrace it!


Gong Xi Fa Cai, or as we say in English “Happy Chinese New Year”! The Chinese New Year festival is centuries old and is especially important because of several myths, traditions that relate to it.

The famous celebration, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most important Chinese festivals and starts on Monday. Each year is represented by a Chinese Zodiac Sign, with Monkey having the key role in 2016.

Its celebrations begin at the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar and they last 15 days. So, even if you haven’t yet designed and launched a campaign, it’s not too late to get the ball rolling.

The festival is celebrated, in countries and regions with high numbers of Chinese population. Countries like that are  China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, and the Philippines. It is also worth mentioning that Asian population is overwhelming United States too- its total number is nearly 4 million people. While on Canada it reaches 1.3 million people.

Having said that, it’s obvious that the festival has a global impact and makes a perfect opportunity to boost your sales.

Furthermore, the Chinese New Year festival focuses on major industries such as:

1) Travel and Hospitality 


Around this time of the year 4% of the world’s population is on the move. So, it’s a safe bet to say that you should launch a campaign highlighting your services if your business relates to this kind of industry. E.g. If you run a travel agency you could create a special offer for customers that could be interested in travelling to destinations where the festival is celebrated, like China or in Chinatown, London.

You could also create win-win campaigns and offers in cooperation with hotels in those regions. Ask the hotels for their clients’ emails and spread the word easier to a wider audience. Segment your lists per region and per your recipients’ favorite destinations.

Don’t forget to use an email marketing service with strong automations. Automations give you the advantage to activate a series of emails that correlate with your recipient’s’ behavior. For example, you can send a personalized thank you email when a customer completes a purchase or follow up email if he abandons his cart.

2) Food and Drink


The traditional food and drinks of the festival include dumplings, fish and lots of wine. This does not stop major brands like Pepsi Co, Mcdonald’s and Oreo to create special editions for their products when it comes to annual celebrations like that.

Either if you are a distributor of those brands or you own a related business, now it’s the time to offer your consumers a deal that they will not resist. For example, give a coupon for a variety of popular wines to your customers in case you own a wine store or an e-shop. If you have a seafood restaurant with mix cultured clientele, target those that are in favor of Chinese cuisine. Then create a special menu for the days that the festival lasts.

Choose an email marketing service that will help you easily segment your customers based on their food preferences. You can also segment them in relation with their buying habits. Are they keen on buying more products when huge promos are running or are they spending a fair amount of money either way?

Last but not least remember that you can decide about the density of your campaign based on your segments. For example, if most of your customers like pasta you will not create a special offer on menu that relates to fish dishes., no matter how popular this dish may be. At the end of the day, your goal is to gain more money, not to lose. So, don’t just follow the trends of the season – the Chinese New Year’s festival  in that case- if they don’t’ apply to your business.

3) Gifts and Retail


During the Chinese New Year’s families exchange gifts. It’s a tradition, to give to each other red envelopes that contain money. While, at the same time, chocolates and sweets, in general, take their own share of the pie.

If you belong to the retail industry, now it’s the time of the year you should take advantage and create irresistible offers for your customers. The same counts if you are into the delivery services. Offer your customers 10% off their ordered deliveries, for as long as the festival takes place. Create a campaign that would emphasize to red envelopes and the Chinese culture. Get an email marketing service that will use a powerful Drag & Drop editor, to easily create your newsletter. Ensure that this service will also give you an A/B testing feature like Moosend has. It will help you test your headlines as many times as you need  and  find out the most efficient version of your campaign.

Last but not least ensure that your campaign stays active for the whole period that the festival lasts. Remind your subscribers and customers of your campaign to increase conversion and try to personalize your campaign in the most efficient way.

So don’t wait up. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and boost your sales like never before. Register for free to Moosend, create unique campaigns and enjoy its capabilities.

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