[INFOGRAPHIC] Cart Abandonment Rate & Reasons


Following up from our latest blog posts on the basics of cart abandonment and, subsequently, on cart abandonment stats, our team has created an awesome infographic to present the average cart abandonment rate for various regions, countries and industries.

The average cart abandonment rate boasts an average of 69%, however the highest percentages across industries deviate considerably from that number. As a result, more and more businesses and freelancers are turning to email marketing automations to tackle these percentages.

We also look at the top reasons your carts are being abandoned and some of the most effective ways to optimise your conversion funnel and make sure you minimise your abandoned carts. As it turns out shipping-related issues and a difficult checkout process account for over 75% of abandoned carts.

Overall, high shipping fees account for around 60% of abandoned carts. Also, complex user interfaces and clunky checkout experiences is another top conversion killer. Good news is that setting up an automated cart abandonment email and offer free shipping can really make a difference and recover over 20% of your abandoned carts.

cart abandonment infographic


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