A Brand New Bag of Marbles for Your Email Design

cart abandonment blocks editor

Oh, you’d better make room in your schedule today, because you’ll want to try all your brand new email design tools on Editor!

Let us take you on a tour of the upgraded Editor

Prepare to enjoy an enhanced experience on our Editor, with a supremely faster loading, a pretty formatting setting for line height, a reminder notification every time you forget to add an Unsubscribe link, and two massive, squeaky new elements:

  • Cart abandonment blocks and Product Recommendation blocks
  • Clone blocks

Cart Abandonment blocks & Product Recommendation Blocks

Squeeze more conversions out of your Cart Abandonment and Product Recommendation workflows with this awesomeness sprinkler feature

If you are running Cart Abandonment workflows or Product Recommendation sequences, you’ll love what you can do with these two features!

Easy setup

cart abandonment blocks editor 2

In two quick moves, show your users the items they left behind or the ones you recommend:

1. Simply drag and drop a Cart Abandonment/ Product Recommendation block at the desirable spot. This is complete with a pool of specs (image, title, price, url, category, quantity).
2. Then, remove the specs you do not wish to appear, or move things around to your liking.

Great potential

Your cart abandonment email reflects users’ carts realistically.

cart abandonment blocks editor 3

The larger the cart, the less you want users to walk out on you. Get back to them on-the-spot with an automatic representation of up to ten items on display. Customize the format and style of the first cart abandonment block from a great selection of elements:

  • image,
  • title,
  • supplier,
  • current price,
  • URL

This block will then be replicated across those who abandon their carts, for your specified number of times.

What each subscriber gets is a unique email which mirrors best their own choices and preferences. In real time.

Your product recommendation email increases conversion potential.

Present users with a maximum of ten items which complement or match their purchases. Product Recommendation blocks come in three flavors:

email design dashboard

  • Items purchased: Show users the most successful items in terms of times they were purchased
  • Revenue: Present users with the most revenue-generating items on your eshop
  • Popularity: Display the most viewed products on your eshop


Email Design made easy – with Clone Blocks!

Template your favorite elements into Clone blocks and re-use them fast!

Your email design process just got a little easier! We are on a quest to make newsletter design on Moosend handsfree:

We are introducing some more Editor magic: Clone blocks.

email design gif

Drag a regular element and customize it in the same way you always do. To render it a Clone block, simply click Save, give it a name and find your entry in the dashboard; this is a yellow container to tell it apart from the rest!

To save you from re-designing certain blocks (such as footers, headers, social shares, or email signature) from scratch, you can now start from the next stage!

You will no longer need to ask for help to design these blocks and simply save it and reuse it every time!

Let’s get more out of this day!