Retailers Use These Black Friday Tips To Own 2018

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber marketing

Black Friday, the official day of calling-in sick and working remotely, is approaching.

The irony (and beauty of it) is that us Marketers find ourselves at the heart of Marketing promotion designs, and, at the same time, at the target of other marketers’ actions.

And while we are all competing with each other in terms of creativity and originality of Black Friday Cyber Monday marketing ideas and offers, we always appreciate a good Marketing idea.

This year we, at Moosend, started The Capsule; this is where we will be keeping all of our favorite BFCM marketing ideas. In The Capsule, you will find do’s and don’ts, tried-and-tested ideas for Black Friday, as well as actionable tips on how to design and phrase your promotions.

The Full List of Black Friday Tips

  • Cyber Monday lends its name to design

do's and don'ts for black friday and cyber monday marketing

A combination of neon and this futuristic astronomy style (I made that up), this design is impressive and powerful.

Steal this: Go on Pinterest and look for “cyberpunk”, “digital”.

  • Black can be a bore…without a dash of color or two

do's and don'ts black friday cyber monday marketing

We already know that Black Friday newsletter design is bound to be saturated with black backgrounds and white fonts, so this neon typeface is such a fresh and doable idea! Neon lights is so 2018! I also like how Black Friday extends through Cyber Monday through the promo code at checkout.

Steal this: Type “neon”, “neon lights”, “neon inspo” on Pinterest.

  • Channel your inner Cart Abandonment newsletter

do's and don'ts black friday cyber monday marketing

Another thing I like in this Cart Abandonment-inspired newsletter is that it invites the user to take action. It really helps subscribers realize that they are running out of time (or offers), doesn’t it?

Steal this: You don’t need Pinterest for this one. Simply sign up for Moosend, the only Email Marketing and Automation platform with built-in countdown timer for your emails – at no extra cost, and head to our Editor.

  • Know your Nostalgia Marketing when you see it

do's and don'ts black friday cyber monday marketing

If this doesn’t resonate with 80’s and 90’s kids, I don’t know what will! This gorgeous newsletter invites the user to engage with it. Whether engagement means making your subscribers smile or getting a click, you are building a relationship with them!

Steal it: Start by googling “pixel art” and find all the tutorials you need to create your own!

  • Prices dropping faster than glitter?

do's and don'ts for black friday and cyber monday marketing

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the beauty of glitter free-fall? Thank you.

Now, I like the semiotics of this image: the glittery waterfall, in the given context, gives me an impression of prices going down fast.

Steal this: Come up with a similar concept (i.e. of something falling), but look out for semiotics: make sure the image you pick does not involve a fall of sorts that is risky.

If it does, then your message will create friction in your subscribers’ brains (meaning that prices dropping cannot be associated with something risky, e.g. jumping off a bridge), as this in turn would cause your message to be less persuasive.

  • As minimal as Black & White

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber monday marketing

I like the architecture of this newsletter design. I particularly enjoy their using actual merchandise to create shapes and forms in negative space.

More specifically, out of the three sections in the newsletter, the top and bottom ones are a series of geometrical forms balancing against a white background. The middle section is the inverse whereby the letters (white forms) are neatly arranged against the black background.

Steal this:  To replicate this, either photograph your products (preferably in similar tones) or make a collage of these objects.

  • An online scratch-off for higher engagement

The only thing that would slightly improve this amazing concept would be responsive design! In other words, it would be so cool for the subscriber to be able to scratch these off with their cursor or finger. And while this is not doable in a newsletter (nor could we see this supported by all email clients to begin with), a gif can take us so much further! Without having to explain to the subscriber what they need to do, the experience is improved by rolling out automatically the discounts!

Trivia: I showed this to our Head of Product, Aggela, and she said that “in [her] capacity as the Queen of OCD”, she would prefer it if the scratch-off was not identical in every circle. I really enjoy Aggela’s view on things, she sees things I don’t. For example, the gif should play once, rather than play on loop!

  • Anti-Black Friday? We got you!

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber monday marketing

This brand is known for opting out of Black Friday offers. Instead, they do not operate their stores at all and give their employees the day off! Would you consider doing that? How are you going to communicate that?

One idea might be to post short videos of your employees saying how they feel about Black Friday or not working on the day. This is a message communicating brand values and should be structured accordingly, with buyer personas in mind.

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber monday marketingWhether you are Anti-Black Friday or choose to make Black Friday part of your Corporate Social Responsibility program by donating to those in need, here are two examples by two major companies. Now you can follow suit!

Remember, whichever path you decide to go down, you need to describe the reasons for your doing so. As with all Marketing decisions, you need to integrate your corporate values into them.

More creative ideas for Black Friday

Having spent a fair amount of time looking for newsletters for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday season emails, and the like, I figured that providing you with a set of templates or newsletter models would not suffice; in the end, you would all end up doing the same thing.

That’s why I broke down the signifiers of Black Friday to the elements of surprise and impulse and came up with the following symbols and signs. You can use these in order to build your newsletters around them:

Price tags: Whether online or offline, spice things up with these Black Friday Cyber Monday Marketing ideas. For instance, add price tags reading users’ wishful thinking, for instance:

  • “WHAAAT”,
  • “Noone can see this”,
  • “Please be the right size”,
  • “This had better fit”,
  • “I’ve been waiting for this”,
  • “I’m ready for you”,
  • “If I don’t wear this who will”,
  • “You were made for me”,
  • “That’s a keeper”, etc.

Also, you could try a few price tags reading “For cold nights”, “For really cold nights”, “For lazy mornings”, “For cozy Sundays”, “Walking the dog like”, that is, for the various occasions these can be worn on. This should help customers visualize themselves wearing that item.

Bear in mind, the first step to take is to find what best suits your audience.

Piñatas: Famous for enclosing the element of surprise (and positive so), pinatas are a great idea to add to your newsletter (in fact, so great, that we used it on our Black Friday page).

Party poppers, Confetti balls:  Need I say more? Sprinkle colorful confetti all over your newsletter! (Don’t forget to download our bonus content!)

Discoball: Make your Black Friday the huge shopping party that it is with a shiny discoball. If you are looking for inspiration, head over to Pinterest and type any of these keywords.

Rocket: Do you know what rockets go fantastic with? Countdown timers! Find everything you need here.

Magician’s hat: This will speak to the 5-year-old inside us! What’s coming out of the magician’s hat? Is it a rabbit? Or maybe a rabbbit-eared discount card?

Jack-in-a-box: Another element of surprise and excitement that is deeply rooted in most people’s childhood is jack-in-a-box! Add a gif of a discount-in-a-box!

  • Refresh your cart abandonment emails

– Yes, words can be limiting especially in specific scenarios, such as cart abandonment.

Take it from our article on Powerful words for your newslettier; words like “now”, “ASAP”, “later” (in negative sentences), and so on.

These can limit you in crafting a message that is original.

So, let go of your marketing status altogether and try this tactic:

– What is keeping you from buying X?

– Would you miss it if you never saw this again?

– If it’s not love at first sight, don’t buy it.

– Are you sure someone else will wear it better than you will?

Another idea for cart abandonment emails is to replace the expected cart recovery email with a product recommendation one. This is what it would look like:

– Hey, we noticed you were browsing. Do you know what goes hella nice with that?

Essentially, this email promotes the “ensemble effect”. One item on its own may not look as inviting to customers. But, should a customer be presented with a collection of matching items, he/she is more likely to budge for.

  • Make a map of the store with the offers

Are you switching things around for the day? Then give out maps, courtesy of the store. Make it look like a scavenger hunt. This way, consumers will also go around the entire store, rather than just one section, thus increasing the average order potential of theirs.

  • Commission a designer to draw for you

BFCM marketing ideas

This is one of my all time favorite ideas:

Hire an artist (again, someone whose painting style you expect to resonate with your customers) and ask them to make a painting (or take a photograph, etc.) of your store, in their signature style.

Then, share this across your channels for Black Friday: chances are, most businesses won’t have thought about this, so your ad is going to break through the clutter!

  • Download a Budget Planner [template]

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber monday marketing

Click to download and get inspiration!

Whether on an app or a piece of paper, a budget planner is useful to help younger people or those who lack the experience (or talent, if you may) to make budgeting decisions. Something that you can walk everyone through, a budget planner is a most friendly and playful way to help your subscribers prepare and remember you for a very unique reason.

  • Financial planning; credit card fees, etc.

Help users plan their finances. Supply your subscribers with all the details they are going to need. For example, prepare a document which specifies what details are needed at your store to issue an invoice, whether you are doing gift cards at a special rate, whether there have been any changes in the instalment options you offer, the full plan of installments, and so on.

Details like these will help particular segments plan their budget ahead and carefully: families and younger audiences might be more interested in using these. Here’s is how Currys pulled it off:

ways to pay Black Friday Cyber Monday

Click to check out the page on the Currys website

Are you joining the stores offering layaway shopping? If so, make sure that all branches offering this option are specified on your website and the newsletter you’ll send out.

  • Font matters

I was browsing online the other day and came across this:

Black Friday Cybeer Monday

It’s accurate… scary accurate! Choosing the right font is very important, and you can draw inspiration from sites such as Dafont. Look up for a variety of styles such as neon lights. And my personal favorite, the Las Vegas sign generator!

Black Friday Tips: What To Avoid

In the following examples, we see two designs in which the designers did the work to choose the visual but went too far with fonts: In the first example, the text box is compact and non-transparent, therefore regardless of the photo being a good match to the topic, it doesn’t add to the message.

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber monday marketing

Instead, it diverts the user’s attention from the actual message to deciphering the background image with X-ray vision. As for the second photo, we see a beautiful image which is awkwardly an overlap with a transparent text this time, which creates visual noise and cluttering, whatsoever.

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber monday marketing

If you are going to go for text over an image then consider this: pick a clean image with specific items which are easily identifiable, such as the keyboard and a cup of coffee (not that exciting an arrangement of items, to begin with!) and then overlay it with a darker shade before you add text. You’ll have something that looks like this:

do's and don'ts for black friday cyber monday marketing

Help your subscribers/customers prepare for Black Friday

– Remind users to pre-register with their shipping details or credit card numbers beforehand, for faster checkout and better service.

-Launching a major Black Friday event? If your BFCM offers are unbeatable invite your customers to add browser extensions which compare prices and deals site-wide. If your differentiation factor lies in extra offers (complimentary gifts, guarantee extension, etc.) do make sure to mention that in that newsletter. Here’s how: “Oh, and every purchase of $100 or more gets one of the following items.”

-I don’t know if your customers love lists as much as I do, but I thought that sending over a newsletter with a printable/downloadable shopping list would be amazing. With the shopping list your subscribers could arrange the items in their wish list in order of importance. How cool is that?


While you are at it, remind your customers to put some budget aside for Cyber Monday!

-Do you think that a piggy bank reading “Savings for Black Friday 2019” is over the top? I don’t! I would either gift this to my top customers or send them a digital version (downloadable) , to wrap the BFCM 2018 frenzy and top it all off with the BF 2019 file.

– The most major uncool thing to do is mark up your prices before Black Friday or Cyber Monday and present fake slashed prices. Users are not dumb, you will get caught red-handed from a user’s screenshot, and your brand’s reliability will take a major hit.


There you have it! All the inspiration, tools, ideas, examples are at your disposal!

Make yourself a cup of tea and get started!


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