Your Last-Minute Black Friday Marketing

Still haven’t set up your Black Friday Marketing?

No, we won’t judge!

After our very, very popular post [“The Ultimate Guide To Black Friday Subject Lines“], we are bringing you 10 Black Friday marketing tricks  in a shot!

Here’s 10 tricks you can do today to launch your last-minute Black Friday marketing:
black friday marketing1 – From 30 minutes to 1 hour: Design images that clearly communicate the offering

Let’s take a look at a few quick design tips to get this out of the way.

General guidelines

a. Image: Center a high-resolution photo, or choose a close-up of the product and align it left or right. No right or wrong here.

sketches layouts

b. Copy: Write a headline that is benefit-oriented. For example, instead of “Book this trip now”, go for “You deserve this”, coupled with an impressive photo of a destination.

c. Call to action: Keep it short, original, and extraordinary. Why write “Get it now!” when you can go for “This is mine!”?

Second-level considerations

i. Channel – this will determine the requirements of various design considerations.

Is it a facebook post/ad? Is it an exit-intent popup? Is it a newsletter image?

  • Dimension limitations per channel

facebook guidelines

  • Text/Image ratio limitations per channel
  • Writing style differences per channel

ii. Stock images: We like using shutterstock and bigstockphoto!

iii. Design tools: Give Canva or Get stencil a try, to bring together all of the above, with no previous design knowledge required!

iv. Exit-intent services: We like Sumo and Exit bee!

2 – It takes less than 10 minutes: Design a newsletter

Designing and sending your newsletter is as simple as 1-2-3:

1. Ηop over to our template library.

2. Customize our Black Friday template (or any other template – they are all fully customizable)

3. Add a countdown timer while you’re at it, counting down to the date and time your sale starts!

3 – In less than 2 hours: Schedule 6-8 emails to roll out

Our plug-and-play Black Friday plan for you, complete with content suggestions:

*Depending on the launch date of your Black Friday doorbuster sale, we drafted a day-based calendar, rather than a date-based one.

✔ In the last couple of weeks before Black Friday, take advantage of the earlier dates to send newsletters, every other day.

Counting down to your Black Friday start date:


  • 14-10 days before

First email:

“Your Black Friday sneak peek, [Name]”

Our secret Black Friday sale starts Wednesday.

Here’s a few of the items getting that 80% discount:


Are you in? Tick. Tock.

Save the date: *insert countdown timer on Editor*


Second email:

“Don’t stay behind, [Name]!”

You can’t stay behind!

Not with these prices!

Here’s one of our favorite items this year: *image*

We’ll keep them coming!


Third email:

“Do your Xmas shopping for less on Black Friday!”

Just looking out for you!

Spend up to 85% less for your Xmas gifts and steal the show as if you were the Grinch!

Mark your calendar: *launch date*


  • 10-5 days before 

Fourth email:

“What’s your Black Friday schedule?”

Start your spree from our fully stocked eshop on Wednesday 22nd.

*insert a high-speed gif, featuring popular items on sale enriched with random inspiration photos from Pinterest – check out our popular post on how to draw inspiration from Pinterest here.


Fifth email:

“We’re discounting 120 more items! Oh, yes, we are!”

Stepping up our Black Friday game here!

We are happy to inform you we’ll be releasing 120 of our most viewed and purchased products!


Sixth email:

Make emails from this point on, product-category specific. For instance, you can send out

“Our designer make-up, up to 75% off”

So it starts.

*Upload all participating items to a gif!*

CTA: Make up my mind

Repeat for more product categories.

4 – Don’t spend more than 30 minutes: Send out real-time updates, while sales run

Throughout the duration of your Black Friday sale, you can send out real time updates via newsletter.

Here’s a couple of subject line ideas (also see here):

“These shades won’t be here forev–“

“Omg, I need this!”

Essential: Avoid spam words in your email subject lines

Putting all this time and effort into crafting subject lines only to find out your email ended up to the Spam folder?

No, not you!

Here’s three freebies:

(Yes, we know you love us!)

5 – Between 30 minutes and 1 hour: Set up 2 quick automations for Black Friday

Do you want to remind those who visited a specific page on your site that the offer is expiring?

How about rewarding those who purchased from you a few more times compared to the rest?


The aforementioned automated workflows are readily available on your Moosend account, where you can customize them on the spot – it takes minutes!


  • Special offer reminder

Potential customers will be flocking to your website these days – why not get back to them to remind them of your deals while there’s still time?

Head over to your Moosend account> Dashboard> Automations> Create a new automation, and select “Special offer reminder”.

Here’s a quick break-down of the workflow:

workflow notes

To get all the visitors back to your site, set up website tracking and integrate your eshop with your Moosend account.

Set up the automation by heading to our Recipes, our pool of automated workflows, and customize “Special offer reminder”.

Then, leave it all up to the platform.


  • Reward all those customers who bought a few times

We will be needing two automated workflows from our Recipes, namely Loyalty sequence pt. 1 and pt. 2.

Let us take you through the basics of creating a new mailing list and adding a new custom field, to keep track of the purchases every single user makes on your site.

Then, Loyalty sequence pt. 1 will be increasing the value by 1 for every purchase made by that user, and Loyalty sequence pt. 2 will be triggered for your desired number of purchases, e.g. above 4.

Here’s some backstage action:

-Go to Dashboard> Mailing lists> Create new list:

create new mailing list

-Add a new custom field as shown below, we also named it “Black Friday purchases”:

black friday custom field

-Head over to Dashboard> Automations> Create a new automation. You’ll see our list of recipes. This is what we’ll be needing next:

loyalty sequence automations

-First, select Loyalty sequence pt. 1 :

loyalty sequence one-To customize the lower box, click and choose the following:


custom field value

-That is the end of part 1. Over to Loyalty sequence pt. 2:

loyalty sequence two-To customize it accordingly:

send email campaign


Let’s move on to another 5 Black Friday marketing tricks!

6 – In less than 1 hour: Send a gift card to those who engaged the most with your Black Friday emails

It’s show time and by now you have already launched your Black Friday email marketing campaigns.

To reward your most engaged subscribers, those who have been opening all the emails in the past few days, set up a quick automation.

Trigger: When someone opens a specific campaign (: the last one you sent).

Filter: Filter out those who opened more than 7 campaigns between the past few days (see below), if condition or else

and, finally, set up the desired action, e.g.:

Action: Send them a gift card.

For example,

“Hi, there! You seem to love our newsletters! ❤

Thank you for keeping an eye on us, and here’s a gift card exclusively for you!

Redeem by…”


Why automate with Moosend?

Email marketing brings you the highest ROI.

Moosend’s high deliverability rates and pricing add value to the time you put in every email marketing action.

With Moosend you enjoy unlimited emails in your subscription plan and full access to all our platform features.

Every monthly or yearly plan on Moosend is subscriber-based, and you are only charged only once per subscriber, no matter how many mailing lists they belong to!

 7 – From 2 to 3 hours: Have all your social media accounts join in!

Depending on the channel, choose to post every once in a while while counting down to your Black Friday doorbuster date:

  • Facebook: Post on your facebook page every second day – Remember: compelling, short copy – beautiful visuals – a direct link to the webpage.
  • Instagram: Post sneak peeks, instagram stories, record live videos: take your followers backstage with actual footage from different departments: order collection, wrapping, etc.

Make sure to communicate the shopping frenzy effectively!

Also, don’t forget to capitalize on the use of hashtags, particularly on instagram posts, as #blackfriday is already an increasingly popular one!

8 – In less than 1 to 2 hours: Give more than your competitors

All your competitors will be advertising their offers and sales. So, how are you going to make your offering stand out?

Walk the extra mile for your shoppers: let them know there is an extra gift to go with every order, or a gift card.

You can also stick to the old-but-gold “Free shipping“!

9 – No more than 5 minutes: Add to your “Thank you for your purchase” automated email

Good things come to an end, but we cherish the memories, right? Before Black Friday fades away, it could extend its benefits over the next couple of weeks.

One idea would be to spice up your “Thank you for your purchase” email, with a Black Friday pass for their next purchase, valid until mid-December!

10 – This one takes seconds: Tracking: Add UTMs

To get the most out of all your actions, you should track the performance of every action, for future reference.

That is, when you share a link on a channel, you can create a separate identity for it, so that you can discover where traffic to your website came from.

You can do this with the use of UTMs, and here’s the most intuitive UTM builder.

Proceed by shortening the URL you get, such as or!

Once the Black Friday dust has settled, you can head over to Google Analytics and see which links performed better in comparison!


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