Black Friday Email Ideas for Ecommerce Marketers

TL;DR: Pressed for time and looking for the perfect Black Friday email? Then set up any of these Cart Abandonment emails.

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black friday email templates

You know, I had told myself I was done with writing about cart abandonment (because of cart abandonment stats, cart abandonment examples, cart abandonment 101). However, it just occurred to me that you might need a quick fix specifically for Black Friday.

I did some reverse engineering here: I looked for the most common reasons for users to abandon their carts around the world.

So I wrote email templates for these cases:

High additional costs? Here’s how to bring them back

If order shipping comes with added costs (especially unforeseen ones), then you must already be aware of the number 1 reason potential customers don’t shop from you.

However, if you are not willing to do anything about it (because some customers will accept that, no second thoughts), you can quickly set up an automated email campaign to catch those who will consider a counter-offer:

Subject line: We just dropped the shipping costs! For you.

Body: Complete checkout within the next 30 minutes and you get FREE shipping! What’s it gonna be?
*While stock lasts.

Also, do make sure that there is a calculator for customs or other unexpected fees: remember that it’s better to be honest rather than dismay customers and miss out on building a trusting relationship with them.


“Create an account”? Not on my watch

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Having spent hours online to find the item we are looking for in stock, coming across that menacing “Few items left”, feeling like Usain bolt in the last few metres before the finish line– and you get a bottomless “Create an account” page as your only option to get it.

If visitors drop out due to a complicated registration process or a gated checkout process, you can get back to them with a direct link to their cart, requiring no registration whatsoever. Complete customer profiles are important, but sales are more so.

Subject line: Jump the line!

Body: Go straight to your cart with our quick checkout! Hurry up while your items are still available!

Website crashed? Send this email out

This is clearly a Ross Geller moment:


Why-oh-why did the website have to crash? Right before clicking Complete my order, this is every shopper’s nightmare. Especially on black Friday, this is the kind of action you hard pass.

Always give your subscribers alternatives to get in touch with you.

Rule number one, don’t use a “no-reply”, unmonitored email address.

Rule number two, have your business work smoothly with Ping; notify the right person in the right department at the right time.

Rule number three, add two buttons: one with your Customer Support hotline and another with a list of your stores.

Subject line(s): Was everything okay? / This one’s on us!

Body: Our bad! There was something wrong and all we can say is … Ooops! Here, grab an extra 10% off and head to checkout real quick!

Bad website design? Get that credit card information, regardless

Add a couple of testimonials and a link to your testimonials page on your website, as well as various review sites. This should help some users with completing their order.

Is it about slow delivery or returns-policy-related? No worries

What if the reason why your customers-to-be bailed on you was the lack of express shipping options? Or your unsatisfactory returns policy?

Past a certain point there are a few things that could be wrong with users leaving your eshop, so my recommendation is to send a general email redirecting them either to your Customer Support or to your Contact Us page.

Better yet, you can invite visitors to reply to the email you sent them with their query and a phone number you can reach them at, so that your Customer Support can get back to them pronto.

Tip: Ensuring that you don’t have too many popups on your page (thus influencing user experience) consider adding a popup through which users can like your Facebook page.

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10+1 complete examples of Cart Abandonment ideas for Black Friday

Specifically crafted for Black Friday, these cart abandonment templates can be used separately or as part of the same email sequence.

The rule of thumb is to send out these emails within the first hour of cart abandonment to elicit higher engagement. The recommended number of emails per sequence is three to four well-timed emails.

Let’s see what we’ve got here:

1. Double or nothing

So, they came, they saw, they …fled. To conquer your eshop visitors back, send a cart abandonment email that gives them twice the reward points they would be getting.

Additionally, they could be in for an even bigger surprise; getting twice the reward points they already have in their card!

Whatever industry you are in, you can adapt this idea to your offering. Here’s what your drip campaign could look like:

Subject line: You drive a hard bargain, [Name]!

Body: We noticed you have been browsing, so, if you are still interested in [this item], we are offering you twice the reward points of your purchase. Climb to the next tier faster and get access to more perks…while you enjoy your brand new purchase!

2. Complement or compliment

Go the extra mile by offering something your users need! Tempt those cart abandoners with a little extra something that they need.

For instance, if they checked a smartphone, offer them a power bank or headphones. Did they check out a fridge?

Throw in free refrigerator storage racks and other space savers. Are you in fashion ecommerce? Why don’t you show them your earrings collection and let them choose their favorite at checkout when they purchase from you?

This is what your email could look like:

Subject line: Oh, and one more thing [Name]

Body: We thought that this might help you make a decision; purchase in the next 60’ and get a pair of headphones in a premium case or a dual headphone jack (headphone splitter) for your new smartphone!

Purchase now or get your adrenaline rush:
*Insert countdown timer*

3. It’s on the house!

What better way to celebrate a purchase with after-shopping drinks or meal?

Reach out to those who had second thoughts about making a purchase by projecting an image from the not-so-distant future: good times with a friend and your shopping bag.

Choose a nearby restaurant that is popular with your target group (remember, you can’t be all things to all people) and either give them a free meal, or a bundle offer at TGIF, etc.

Subject: Cheers, [Name]!

Body: We thought that you didn’t complete your purchase because you were too busy making plans for tonight. So we took the liberty of arranging an extra special offer for you:


Now, you can get back to shopping!
The offer expires in 30 minutes. Don’t miss out on this UNIQUE deal!

4. We’re doing this Oprah-style

Borrow the success of Oprah’s hyper-popular quote from 2004 and build on that community feeling it has achieved over the past few years through digital communities and gif culture.


Whether they are shopping for a friend or a family member, give your potential customers more when they buy from you.

In the same way that AirBnB gives you more when you invite friends over to their platform, replicate this beneficial (tried and tested) scheme for your website visitors.

I propose you couple this with a social media campaign and a hashtag so you can catch on that viral feeling and maybe hop on that virality wagon with #yougetacarandyougetacar, and so on.

Subject line: “We’re doing this Oprah-style”

Body: “You get extra 5% off and you get extra 5% off EVERYBODY GET EXTRA 5% OFF!

*Oprah gif*

5. Could this deal be so good?

When shopping online especially for less, you always sort of have this feeling of whether you are going to get tricked somehow “this deal is just too good to be true”.

And honestly quite often when you shop online at check out, you are bombarded with a series of extras “get the charger for an extra 5”, “get the guarantee for another 10”, “get the extension for 2 more tears and replacement warranty for 20”, and so on.

So it is not absurd for users to think that something might be off.

To prevent this from happening and to create a feeling of trust be sure to clearly state what your offer includes, even what is inside the package, and top it all off with a BONUS watermark for everything extra.

Subject line: This is too good an offer to find it twice.

Body: We know you are looking for the best offer, but did we mention at checkout you get
✅[blah, blah] ✅[blah, blah] ✅[blah, blah]

We’ve kept your cart. This way, please. (CTA)

6. The gift that keeps on giving

Since most of your competitors have the same profit margins, differentiation will come from an overarching benefit, such as one that extends throughout the year.

This gives the business an excellent opportunity to hold on to that customer and convert them from an one-off customer to a returning one to brand loyal and brand evangelist, all with the right onboarding emails in place.

Subject line: Buy once, win twice

Body: You left so quickly we didn’t get a chance to tell you that you can get more of your money’s worth.

This year, we are cloning Black Friday for our mid-year period and giving all our customers who shopped with us today a chance to relive this in a few month’s time at prices as low as these.

So? What’s it gonna be?

Here’s how it works: get a coupon code at checkout (we will send you it on your email too) and you will get a save the date reminder in a few weeks from now so that you plan ahead.

7. Let’s catch up

Back in 2000, it was magic to get an email from a brand. You felt so special, you know?

In 2018, you know what’s magical? Getting an offline invite from a brand. You feel valued.

Yes, things have certainly changed. And the way we market to our customers should change with it, too.

This year, to lure customers back into your eshop, send them an invite to one of your offline events (Press event, New product launch, etc.). Remember to add a couple of photos from last year’s event to get them excited.

Your email could look like this:

Subject line: Before you go…

Body: We’re giving away 50 invites for our party in March. / We are inviting you to the preview of our Resort collection./
Be one of the lucky contestants who get to visit our HQs in France and participate in the events we have designed for them.

All you have to do to join is proceed to checkout!

8. Get the plush toy of the company

This is not just a fancy marketing idea, it’s a smart way to leave tangible evidence of brand loyalty, to be physically present with your customers, … and stay top-of-mind option.

Think about it: plush toys are associated with a period in our lives that is so protected and beautiful.

Either we are three years old and were given a plush toy by a loved one, or we are a bit older and we got a plush toy from our significant other,… or we really like Pumba (Lion King) so we bought the plush toy when we visited Disneyland for the first time.

Either way, plush toys are an amazing way to strike a chord with users and even if you have no special Black Friday activations coming up (too bad, but luckily for you I’ve graced you with me and my Black Friday ideas and there’s still original Black Friday marketing ideas, scroll to the bottom of this article).

Subject line: Someone wants to stick around!

Body: Hey, [Name], we are about to add Moo, our plush mascot to your order as a gift from us*. Proceed to checkout now!

*While supplies last!

9. Make them an offer they can’t refuse!


Get cheaper after-sales service/speak to our customer support; have them call you right away.

Users will be site-hopping all day on black Friday so it’s best to have a few aces up your sleeve, one of them being: your Platinum After-sales service for less! What a great bundle offer, isn’t it? Exactly! And all your

Subject line: No more waiting times for you, [Name]!

Body: For a limited number of orders, we are giving away free tickets of after sales service.
Provided you shop with us within the next 30 minutes you are getting […]

10. Try personal shopping consulting for less

In your quest to provide top-notch assistance and service to your customers you have taken the time and energy to train your staff.

For less tech-savvy users this is a very important characteristic of your service which they will quickly appreciate.

Since one of the reasons why users drop out of the funnel is their difficulty to tell the difference between the benefits listed, you could jump at the opportunity presented before you at the right minute.

This way, you create a safety net for your website visitors (and another one, and another one, until your funnel is better than your industry average). Here’s an example of what your cart abandonment filter could look like:

Subject line: Are you okay there, [Name]?

Body: If you are not sure how to proceed you can speak with one of our Customer Support representatives and they will be happy to guide you through this process!

Simply give them the reference number of this [call] and they can help you.

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BONUS: Try a hybrid; weather-based cart abandonment email

I was wrapping this article up when I came across this article in my ocean of open tabs on my browser: it’s about one of the most popular tools on our platform, weather-based recommendations!

Disclaimer: Weather-based emails make use of location-based targeting. The latter may give rise to GDPR-related concerns, therefore here is something you must know before you proceed with this recipe; if your weather-based cart abandonment email goes out to a double opt-in list, then all users must have given their consent to share their location.

If, whatsoever, you have set up accepting cookies as a requirement on your website, users who continue to navigate your website are aware of the information they are sharing with you, ergo you are covered.

If you are struggling with these concepts you can always contact our Customer Support today.

So, now that the technicalities are said and done, let us jump to the fun part:

Subject line: Feeling under the weather? Eshops fly higher than weather!

Body: If you don’t like singing in the rain, here’s how not to miss Black Friday sales.
While our temperature in-store is ideal, you get to choose whether you drop by the store or order from the comfort of your home.

23 Cart abandonment subject lines for November 23 [wink, wink]

  1. Whaaat? This stereo ain’t got no time for your games!
  2. Honey, this is once in a lifetime.
  3. Buy it. Noone ever asked for their money back.
  4. Buy the shoes, get the dress, send that text. It’s that easy.
  5. “I told you so.”
  6. You know this is going to happen.
  7. You like to live on the edge, huh?
  8. Someone could use some adrenaline rush!
  9. Broke? Pay with afterpay!
  10. You saw this coming. One left.
  11. This is an automated message sent to everyone who viewed but did not purchase this item. Just one left. Click now and find out at checkout. We regret to inform you that this product will no longer be available on our store for the next 6 months. Thank you. *Please do not reply to this message.

*panting* OK, here’s 12 more:

  1. This item is no longer available. Let’s just not get there.
  2. Remember that gift you promised her? Don’t make the same mistake twice.
  3. If you don’t purchase now we won t haunt you but this offer will.
  4. Shop without the drop; visit our eshop.
  5. Hear the Sirens calling you back?
  6. You are holding up the line! Is it a yes or a no?
  7. Yay or nay? Ain’t nobody got time for may!
  8. Your future self is going to thank you!
  9. Give our warehouse shelves a break; buy the TV.
  10. Let’s get Xmas shopping out of the way. Shop now for less.
  11. Are you still browsing? #netflix
  12. Hope you haven’t fainted after seeing the price! Shop!


You don’t need to hear that cart abandonment emails bring money you lost back to the table.

You already know that.

But these particular Black Friday email examples were carefully designed by someone with a lot of time in her hands (yours truly) for those who don’t have the time to.

Trust me, just scroll up and grab the emails that your gut tells you will “click” with your customers and… best of luck!

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