Announcing NEW Automations Release!

automation features

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss and, boy, our automations platform is on a roll!

We’re bringing you two brand new accessories for your Moosend automations, for FREE!


Ladies and gentlemen,

we give you Swoosh and Ping!

Announcing “Swoosh” for Workflow Builder

Move your workflow boxes around without the hassle – with Swoosh!

Everyone who loves designing new automations will be excited to hear they no longer need to sweat mistakes when designing a workflow: now have even more flexibility when designing. Or when making mistakes.

Here’s the situation: You’ve just set up a multi-settings action to be taken for your workflow. But wait a minute – That’s not where it was meant to be placed!

Ooops. Nothing to worry about.

With Swoosh, it’s easier for you to go back and change the order of triggers, actions, and conditional/control steps, when designing! Whether you made a mistake or changed your mind you can drag and drop the box on our if-this-then-that builder to the desired spot.

A new experience in workflow building

Auto drag and drop

Up until yesterday, you’d normally have to go back and rebuild that part. Or the whole thing, if the change was to take place at the top tier of your workflow.

This would be a little road bump on your design flow (and speed). You’d have to take a few steps back to add that extra step or start from scratch. Major mood killer.

Now, with Swoosh, you won’t have to: just add any box anywhere on the workflow and move it around to suit yourself!

The new drag-n-drop feature on Moosend’s workflow builder helps you design a workflow with even more confidence, as no omission will hold you back!

And, did we mention that you can move an entire fork around? (Now we did!)

But it’s not just for those who made a mistake.

Are you the visual type and want to see what an alternative order in the flow would look like? Great, just hold on to that box and drop it off where you see fit. Changed your mind? No problem. Put it right back!

  • easier: experience design following your thinking
  • faster: drag and drop any box on the spot// turn a workflow upside down in seconds!
  • stress-free: “no-mistake” land allows you to fix everything quickly
  • test-strong: trial and error as many times as you wish- still neat

What are you waiting for? Show our new feature some love. A trial by fire will convince you!


ping notification

What is the process at work when you get requests from customers or partners? Do you refer them to a colleague? Slack your colleagues during the day? Keep post-it notes?

We got you.

Slack messages go unnoticed, post-it notes won’t cut it, your colleagues are not always available.

With Ping, you have notifications sent out to the right people and departments on the spot.

Magical? Close.



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