5 tips to get your emails read

5 tips to get your emails read


The majority of small businesses today use email marketing to connect with their customers. In fact, email marketing has become the most essential part of talking online directly and unfiltered to your customer base. We believe that Moosend is a fantastic tool to help you connect and understand your clients better. It can deliver every email campaign in a matter of seconds and give you extended analytics but it cannot promise you better open rates. That’s up to you, your content and your understanding of your customer base. So, use these tips to boost your open rates:

1. First impression matters. A lot!

Use this as a rule of thumb: Would I open this email if I received it from another company? You only have one shot at making a great impression using:

The Sender line: An email utilizing the first and last name of a company employee leads to improved open rates, studies shown. Instead of sending an email with a generic sender, such as “marketing@acmecorp.com”, set up an email to send on behalf of a company employee. CEO’s, Presidents or founders lead to even better results but use them with caution as these should not appear every day but only to show special care and appreciation. Avoid female names without last name as this is a spamming trend.

The Subject line: This is your best shot at capturing your audience.

– Avoid terms such as: free, help, percent off, reminder

– Localize. Provide a city-specific line

– Avoid using the exact same subject line

– Keep your subject line under 50 characters

2. Timing is important

This tactic needs common sense, experimentation and customer knowledge. Fortunately,Moosend provides detailed analytics to help you determine when your customers open your emails. Common sense for B2C emails shows that you should avoid sending your emails very early in the morning or very late at night, as these emails tend to get lost under regular emails. On the other hand, if you’re addressing professional waking up at 6, chances are that if you send your email around 7:30 it will be read. Again, audience knowledge and common sense are really important here.

3. Avoid spam filters

Moosend offers a fantastic spam checker for free. Please use it. We cannot stretch this enough. Spam filters analyze a really large list of criteria to determine your email’s spam score. If your email fails this test, it will end up to the “Spam” inbox. Avoid common spam-phrases such as:

– “Once in a lifetime opportunity”, “Opportunity only for today” etc.

– Don’t overdo it with the exclamation mark!!!!!!!

– ALL CAPS. Some say it’s cruise control for cool, but even with cruise control you still     need to steer.

– Malformed HTML

4. Segment you list

We offer great A/B testing and a really easy segmentation tool. Use it to remove emails that are constantly inactive or bounce and re-target them using a better approach to get your clients re-engaged. Refine your targeting and your campaigns, make the email feel a lot more personal using our specialised tags and your client feel special.

5. Speed up your email sign up process

Using our form function you can create a sign-up form that’s really easy to embed on your website. Use this form to populate your email list and give something back to your customer for signing up. Examples are whitepapers, discounts and website coupons.

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