5 Simple Tips to Win the Race of Holiday Email Marketing

Holidays are not only holy but for most businesses around eCommerce, they are also profitable; as long as you get it right. Competition in the travel industry is fierce, with a lot of online players living by email marketing or dying in it. This calls for all marketing managers in the industry to keep up with latest trends in order to stay at the top of their game.

Moosend has gathered the top 5  tips to win the holiday email marketing battle. Let’s dive in.

xmas race

1) Sense of urgency

During these days the number of internet transaction is very high but how could your products make a difference?

Especially if you have noticed (or measured even better) that each customer entering your website acquires more than one product or that across months or years, the long term profitability is great, then using a product or a discount as a battering ram is a technique you can brag off in business meetings.

2) Holidays come with new layout

Don’t be afraid to give your emails a more seasonal tone during the holiday period. Use your imagination and go the extra mile instead of just throwing some snow in and around the email’s header. Here are some extra things you could play with:

– Imagery – Remember the old chinese saying that an image speaks for thousand words? And that a beautiful, high-res photo of an idyllic beach never left anyone untouched?
– Templates – “Off the shelf”, ready-to-use templates
– Colours associated with the holiday spirit

3) Think Mobile first

With more than 40% of emails been opened on mobile devices, you certainly need your design to be responsive. Moosend offers the possibility to design a fully responsive email design but if you use your inhouse graphic design solution, you need to optimise your emails for mobile devices.

4) Plan around

Sending out emails prior to departure is a great way to showcase customer service, but also to increase potential cross-selling and upselling with clients as they are already very excited for their trip. A good email cycle will also include sending out a message shortly after the departure, helping gathering guest feedback and increasing reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor (provided there is a link included within the email). Finally, a message should be sent out a couple of weeks or months later, to get some repeated business, depending on the nature of the hotel or destination involved.

5) Prominent unsubscribe button, to avoid spam

So much noise, so many emails. Especially for these days, keep your ‘Unsubscribe button’ prominent to your emails. The reason is simple. Users that have difficulty finding this little button, go straight to the Spam Gun.

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or any other holiday (come rain come shine) , these tips will help you maximise your email marketing efficiency.

Do you have other tips or feedback yourself? Feel free to share them by commenting on this blog post.

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