5 Email Marketing tips that will boost Click-Through-Rates

5 Email Marketing tips that will boost Click-Through-Rates

Email has always been a powerful marketing channel and a tough sell, at the same time, for any company. Especially, in recent years, because of the explosion of mobile technology, people are used to reading lots of emails every day and decide to open only the most interesting or useful of them. So, if your email campaign is not set up properly, then you face the danger of failure.

In Moosend we are fully aware of the difficulties you might face and we decided to present you 5 techniques that will improve your email marketing campaigns and will increase your click-through-rates (CTR).

1. Use promotions in order to encourage readers to share your content.

This is a quite useful and effective technique. Most of the times, the recipients will open emails because they are looking for a good deal. You may provide them with a limited or one time offer in order to encourage them to share your content.

Do not forget to include your company’s social buttons. This will make it easier for your readers to share your content via Facebook or Twitter, with less effort.

2. Put yourself into email recipient’s position.

It is vital, for your email campaign’s success, to think exactly as your ideal reader. Information has to be short, concise and specific. Prefer to use bulleted lists and be sure to highlight the strongest and best things of your topic.

Use call-to-action buttons but try to place them in position that will draw the eye. You might use phrases like “Click here to…”. In this way, you encourage people to visit your Website for more information.

3. Make the email experience more personal.

It doesn’t make sense to send tons of emails to everyone on your list. The reason is the different levels of loyalty. To be more specific, there will be recipients fully loyal to your company and will open all the emails and click through. But, there are and people who will not open all the emails and others who decide to automatically delete the frequent emails.

You must not be afraid to ask for feedback and, in general, try to become more personal to your interaction with your email recipients. This will lead to higher levels of trust and loyalty and, as a result, will boost your email campaign and click-through-rate.

4. Make your emails accessible on mobile platforms.

Mobile technology has become a part of our daily life, more than ever, with the use of tablets and smartphones. You must be sure that your emails will be displayed on these devices in the proper way. If not, your email marketing efforts will fail.

So, spend some time to optimize your email format in order to be accessed on both mobile devices and desktop computers. In this way, you will know that you reach everyone on your list. Here, in Moosend, we provide you with all the features you need in order to optimize the format of your emails.

5. Review all the data related to click-through-rates.

This is the last technique and one of the most important, in general. If you really want to improve your email marketing campaign you need to know your weak points and faults and try to improve and correct them.

The collection of data is just the one side data analysis. If you want to make the difference, then you have to evaluate all this data, make changes and plan your next campaign based on these results.

Be sure to follow these 5 techniques and we believe that you will see better results in your next email marketing campaigns. Our mission, here in Moosend, is to offer you the best email marketing experience, so stay tuned for more tips and techniques.

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