11 Email Marketing Trends for 2015

11 Email Marketing Trends for 2015

It is true that, nowadays, there are lots of channels a company may use in order to promote its business via the Internet. One of them is the Email Marketing and it is considered to be the most reliable channel for promotion from the experts.

Email Marketing is one of the best weapons in a company’s arsenal and the majority of consumers still prefer it when they receive offers or promotional stuff. In addition, it seems that when it comes to promotions and offers, Email is the channel of choice among millennials! (source: https://www.bizreport.com/2015/03/email-not-a-dying-channel-for-the-young.html)

Here in Moosend we understand the continuous growth of email in popularity  and we are determined to offer to you the best email marketing experience. That’s why, we decided to present you the best email marketing trends for 2015, in order to keep you up to date and make you create more effective email campaigns. So, let’s get started:

1. Detect the best time and day to send your emails

After you created you email campaign you want to make sure that the majority of your subscribers will receive your email. But, there is a complexity here. There is no a standard time and day that all the persons will open and read your email. Each one of them has his own schedule and there isn’t a common time that everyone checks his inbox.

So, the best thing you might do is to try some A/B testing experiments. To be more specific, divide your email list and send the same email to several segmented lists at different times. In this way you will be in position to review your open rate results and decide when it is the best day and time to send your email.

In case you might need to read more information about this trend, it would be quite useful to read this blog post.

2. Unsubscribing will become easier

This is a new tendency as more and more of recipients feel the need to opt-out, whenever they want, in a quick and easy way. This is now necessarily something bad.

On the contrary, this trend will lead to a higher quality of email marketing. Digital marketers have to provide their readers with engaging content of high quality, content that recipients will want to open and read it.

3. Responsive Email Design

The world today has gone mobile. The majority of people are not in front of a desktop pc, because they lack of time. So, they receive and read their emails on their mobile phone or their tablet.

This trend will lead to a cleaner and simpler email design that will be focused more on context and images.

It is will be no exaggeration to say that the email design will have to be for the mobile first and then for all the other platforms.

4. Email Integration with other channels

Today, it is very easy for digital marketers to link social media campaigns with the email marketing. There are two main advantages that led to the rise of this trend. First of all, marketers are in position to strengthen their marketing messages and, secondly, it is easier for them to discover brand ambassadors.

5. Add more Animation – GIFs

No one can deny that people love images more than text. In addition, it seems that readers love to receive emails that include GIFs. So, do not be afraid to follow this path.

The use of animating images and GIFs attracts the reader’s attentions and, at the same time, manages to offer a more vibrant and engaging email experience.

6. Add more video

The use of HTML5 offers the opportunity now to marketers to embed videos on their email. In this way, emails become more vibrant and engaging.

7. Grow your email list through pop-up windows

Some people find it frustrating but it is true that digital marketers love pop-up windows. The reason is that they see a significant increase in their email lists  by using them.

8. Real-time Email marketing

By sending real-time content, such as live images or products, you will be able to offer more creative and relevant content. As a result, your readers will become more engaged and this may will lead to higher conversion rates.

9. Location based Email marketing

This is something new and is expected to bring great results to companies that will use it. In this way, marketers may use location demographics and divide into segments their mailing list. The next step is to send to specific segments relevant offers or products that may find to relevant stores or events, based on their location.

In this way companies manage to become more personal, more engaging and score higher conversion rates.

10. Email Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the hottest topics and it tends to be equal to success. By segmenting their mailing lists companies achieve to send more targeted emails and this process leads to more effective email marketing campaigns. As a result, they score higher conversion rates.

Moosend’s segmentation process is one of its best features, so feel free to try it and see its benefits.

11. Email Personalization

Your email recipients are humans, not machines. So, they expect a more personalized content, not just another formal letter.

Try to add more personality in the email in order to attract the attention of your readers. It is a great chance to differentiate your email from the rest of the emails into their inbox.

In this way, you will achieve higher open rates, higher click-through-rates and, at last, higher conversion rates.

These are the main email marketing trends for 2015. Make sure that you will take into consideration all of them during the planning of your email marketing strategy.

Feel free to comment and share your opinion and don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will be super excited if you decide to become a part of our email marketing world!

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