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Meet Moosend – The cheaper Active Campaign alternative with pricing plans that start from free.
With a customer support team that is always there for you to help you automate your marketing
routine and achieve great open rates.
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Breaking the bank with Active Campaign Pricing?

activecampaign alternative pricing

Active Campaign pricing is one of the key reasons our clients have moved to us. Moosend is a great
Active Campaign alternative, as, on average, our pricing plans are over 30% cheaper!



Up to 500FREE$15
501 – 1,000FREE$29
1,001- 2,000$10$49
2,001 – 3,000$20$89
3,001 – 5,000$30$89
5,001 – 8,000$40$139
8,001 – 10,000$55$139
10,001 – 25,000$125$225
25,001 – 50,000$205$299
50,001 – 75,000$260$379
75,001 – 100,000$390$459

Moosend’s features available

* 30% cheaper
on average

Limited features

Moosend Offers a Free Plan (No logo)

Moosend FREE forever plan allows you to send unlimited email campaigns to up to 1000 unique
subscribers! Active Campaign, on the other hand, will only offer a 14-day trial which is
branded and no free plan 🙁


Unlimited Emails per Contact

On Moosend you’ll only have to pay per unique email, not per the number of times the email
exists in your mailing lists. For example, joe@acme.com may exist in multiple mailing lists
but you only pay once! In other tools, like Active Campaign, each subscriber in each mailing
list is charged separately.


Unlimited Mailing Lists

Both platforms offer unlimited mailing lists.


A lot more than a great email design tool

activecampaign alternatives features

From email templates, to design responsiveness and GDPR-readiness, to transactional emails and
automated customer journeys, Moosend covers all the bases.

The Amazing Stories of Editor

Our email designer has been featured several times for its ease of use and flexibility.
Active Campaign’s designer is pretty neat too, but it’s lacking on variety of
templates, while structures are also missing.


Gorgeous Newsletter Templates

Both providers offer a range of templates to kick-start a campaign design. Moosend offers a
richer library of templates, all of which are free, while Active Campaign charges for some
of their premium templates.


Immaculate Email Campaigns

OK – we admit. We don’t offer a feature to render email designs across various
devices. Active Campaign also offers a more feature-packed send test feature.


Powerful Segmentation

Moosend as well as Active Campaign offer unlimited custom field and features to run profile
(e.g. subscriber age) or behavioral driven (e.g. by campaign open) segmentations. On top,
both platforms offers advanced segmentation capabilities for actions that end users perform
in the customer’s website (e.g. find those users that visited my checkout page, or
those that viewed a video on the homepage etc).


Timely Transactional Emails

Moosend is a fully fledged SMTP platform to send all your transactional emails as part of
your existing pricing plan. Active Campaign does not have this capability.



Moosend does not offer native SMTP capabilities. However, you can customize Moosend’s
automations to send SMS messages without writing a single line of code. On the other hand,
Active Campaign does offer SMS messaging.


Know what your visitors like – Even those that are only browsing

activecampaign alternative automations

Automate your marketing routine with crazy simple automated messages. Setup automated purchase or
cart abandonment notification and supercharge your cache flows.

The Single Foolproof Automation Builder

Both Builders are intuitive, but while Moosend’s offers more freedom to build your
workflow without following annoyingly strict step-by-step procedures, Active Campaign offers
many more triggers, and business-goal based pre-made templates, and a lot more actions.


Drip Campaign Templates (aka Recipes)

Moosend offers automation recipes – templates for common automation flows. Recipes
represent sequences that are known to perform really well. Similarly, you can create your
own recipes and share them between your teammates.
Active Campaign also offers a large array of pre-built automations.


Connect Your 3rd Party CRM System

Moosend offers several automations blocks that allow you to extend your customer journeys.
From notifying third party systems when one or more triggers / conditions are met, to
triggering other automations, to acting on behavioral aspects such as when an end-user
performs an action like viewing a video more than 3 times. Both Moosend and Active Campaign
integrates with 150+ Apps through Zapier.



Moosend is pretty neat in terms of its automations offering, but to give credit where its
worth, due to the sheer numbers of triggers, actions and functionality within Active
Campaign, there is probably nothing that it can’t do automations-wise.


A radar for customer journeys

activecampaign alternative tracking

It wouldn’t be much of a service if you couldn’t track how awesome you are!
Use our advanced Tracking Analytics to make informed decisions about your next steps.

Impressive Email Tracking

Both platforms offer very advanced email tracking capabilities (opens, clicks, bounces,


Robust Website Tracking

Both platforms offer advanced website tracking by allowing their customers to connect their
websites and track end-user activity such as page views or purchases. Those events can be
later used for segmentation (find me those that have viewed this page over X times) or
automation (trigger when someone purchases from the Lingerie category).


Track Custom Events that Matter to You

Both platforms offer the ability to track ANY event the end-users perform on a website. For
example, when they redeem an offer, or view a video on a specific page etc.


We handhold you to marketing excellence

active campaign alternatives support

From a comprehensive help center to account managers and live chat agents that appreciate your
urgency, Moosend offers a large range of capabilities to excel at your marketing routine.

Live Chat

Moosend offers live chat capabilities on all free and paid accounts. Response times are less
than 1 minute. While Active Campaign does offer live chat, they won’t go into as much
detail and sometimes issues will remain unanswered for days.


Help Section

Both platforms offer excellent a self-service help center.


Dedicated Account Manager

Moosend account management team very often go over and above their role to help customers
build strategy and use the wealth of features provided by the platform. Customers can
contact their account manager through phone or skype.


A deliverability team you can actually communicate with

active campaign alternatives deliverability

Active Campaign open rates often cause disappointment. Data security and deliverability are at the
heart of everything we do. Read on to find why Moosend’s service is so special.

Dedicated IPs

To our best knowledge Active Campaign does not offer dedicated IPs.



Both platforms offer excellent email authentication capabilities.


Access to Deliverability Team

Moosend offers access to our deliverability team for all paid accounts, while Active Campaign
offers this capability on their premium plans.